So here it is. It’s certainly taken me long enough to get this site up and running…well, more like crawling. It’s small, simple–a good first step I suppose. Better than nothing. And just think of all the inbox space I’m saving you!

It’s Tuesday here in the ATL. As usual, it can’t seem to decide whether to be sunny or rainy. Typical. I’m giving myself a little pep-talk to convince myself that I do, in fact, wish to go to pilates tonite. My reasons include:

I haven’t worked out in a week, and have used the ‘accident’ as an excuse. In actuality, I’ve enjoyed vegging out on my all-too-comfy couch, consuming calories that range in the many-thousands. Pathetic, but oh so fun.
I can’t go on Thursday, due to my superfun trip to DC, which I will expand upon later…
Except for the fact that my bank account contains $84.39 and that the $10 potentially spent upon the class, I really have no excuse not to. It’s summer, and I’m tired of crappy reruns.
Sebastian’s got the right idea!

This being said, it wouldn’t do any harm if you all kept your fingers and toes crossed for me; I think I’ll need it. Why is it that all energy SLLOOOWWWLLYY drains away around 3pm? Like invasion of the body snatchers, a mysterious force overtakes us in the afternoon hours, rendering us semi-useless to all of humanity. If only we were in France…now THEY have the life. Wine at lunch, (and may I add that lunches range somewhere between 2 hours and, well, the rest of the afternoon,) and the government mandates that the work week is only 32 (or 35?) hours. Ooh la la.

But I shant complain. With this “struggling” economy, (won’t say the “R” word,) I think most of us are thanking our lucky stars that we’re gainfully employed, and praying that this remains to be so. The thought that it could get worse is quite dismal, so I’ll move on now.

Whoops…it’s just about time for pilates. I’ll leave you with that. Enjoy my little site of rambling, and drop me an email to let me know what you think. Until next time…

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