Goodbye my friend

I think it’s time to say goodbye to a loyal friend

We’ve been together now a few years; a bit over two to be exact. We met the first time I came to visit Brandy and Allison in Atlanta, the summer of ’99. Instantly, I knew that a special bond would be formed between us. It just sort of ‘fit’. And every time we were together, I felt a few inches taller, a bit more confident of myself. There are few friends that this can be said about, and for that, the relationship was all-the-more special.

But, as it is, all good things must come to an end, and it is with great sorry I will bid my friend ‘adieu.’

According to Jessica, my mentor of “tough love,” I must give up. Throw it away. You see, my shoe, my FAVORITE black sandel, with the perfect arch on the strap, is irreparably broken and must retire to the trash heap.

That’s not for lack of trying, you see. After the “incident,” involving a post-birthday cab ride, a private booth at 1150, and, hmm, one or two vodka soda’s w/2 limes, my friend was in pain. The first repair attempt lay at the skilled hands of a bouncer at Buckhead Saloon, who, with the help of some duct tape, bonded my sandal to my foot. A bit hard to walk, but we were back together.

After deciding that perma-shoe wasn’t the look of Summer ’01, I took the problem to a professional who promised I’d be back on my feet in no time. While the aesthetics were there (it looked good as new!) the fix just didn’t hold.

Never say die was my mantra on this one. So I, bound and determined to fix it once and for all, purchased some “Shoe Goo” and went to town. It stuck, that’s for sure, but according to some dear friends, the effect was not of the aesthetic standard that it should be.
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Through all of my illustrious years on earth, I’ve learned that if you don’t listen to those near and dear to you, at least when critiquing footwear, you’ll live to regret it. So, this is for you, Marcia and Jessica. I’m putting them to rest.

With a tear in my eye and hollow in my heart,


ps- Off to the mall to find a new best friend. Wish me luck…

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