Little Things

I firmly believe that it’s the little things in life that cause us the most frustration.

We prepare ourselves for the biggies. The car wrecks, the speeding tickets, those situations that, while not exactly optimal, are somewhat bound to happen time and again.

We know how to deal with those…frustration ensues, and, as always, we get over it. May put a small damper on the day but nothing major.

But the small things. The teensy little annoyances can just make or break your entire afternoon.

Point in case: You walk into work, sun shining, pretty good mood. It’s the beginning of a glorious day, nothing can get you down.

That is, until you get on the elevator and it stops on EVERY SINGLE FLOOR before yours, the last, the eighth. Or you’re driving down the road, not necessarily in a hurry, and the person in front of you decides to turn left in the middle of the road.

It’s the Murphy’s law of minutia, whereas any annoying occurrence can and WILL drive you somewhat insane.

We tend to exist (and I’m guilty as the rest of us!) in a “ME ME ME” state of mind. I inherently think that the cars ahead of me should proceed straight, nonstop, until I am ready to make a turn. And the elevator? The fact that I’m descending from the 8th floor should override anyone else’s attempts to board and/or stop on any floors that I deem unnecessary (which is any and all that I hadn’t planned to stop on.)

Are my moods always this precariously intertwined with the mundane functions of life? Am I truly this impatient? Must it always be about me?

I hope not, but until my calming yoga breathing starts taking effect, I’m taking the stairs.


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