Long Weekends

Long weekends.

You look forward to them and that “extra” day of leisure, mentally filling them with all of those outstanding tasks that have been on your Outlook “To Do” list for, say, three months.

Fun things like oil changes, arranging photos, and finally writing that letter to your grandmother.

Others plan fun getaways…mini-vaca’s to exotic locations like Charleston, Savannah, and, hmm, Duluth?

Instead of embracing our ‘free’ time, we fill it up with tedious tasks or long road trips.

It’s a lose-lose situation, I think. Not to scoff at time off; we need a break now and again. But we’re unstatisfied if we don’t have major plans (my situation) and those of us that do, end up a bit bitter at the money spent and end up more tired than before they left.

Is there a solution to this eternal quandry? Which is the better choice–stay and veg out in front of “Starz Theatre” (channel 329 from one who knows..) or head off into the sunset, a weekend away of high-fat meals and high-alcohol consumption?

I don’t know which I’d choose, but right now my liver (and meager bank account) are thanking me.

Hoping you had a great Labor Day,

-A tired (yawn) Aubrey

P.S.- We knew it would happen, but a gigantic CONGRATS to Drew Haddad and Danny O’Leary, two official members of the Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills (respectively.) Couldn’t be prouder of these guys…

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