Everything seems to be speeding up these days.

My grandmother always said that time flies quicker the older you get, and I do believe she was onto something.

Just 5 months ago (exactly!) I was gallivanting around the Pacific Rim, cavorting in the land down under! (Ok, I just wanted to reference a “Men at Work” song…)

And now? Leaves are changed, evenings are cool, and alas, everything seems to be happening at once.

A good reference is the “house-to-desk cleanliness” ratio. If my house is clean but my desk at work is a mess, I’ve been working crazy long hours and haven’t had time to mess up my abode. On the other hand, if nail polish bottles are scattered amongst copies of In Style and Diet Coke w/Lemon cans (my new fave) on my coffee table, and my desk at work is neatly arranged, I’m having a quiet week.

So far, I haven’t seen the glass top of my desk in a few weeks and my clothes are still arranged by color, season, and style, so that should tell you something.

Work, like most things, is cyclical. You’ve just found enough things to keep your procrastination amount at a nice, moderate “medium,” when you get slammed with the project that defies 40 hour work-weeks by, say, 30 hours. It’s days like these when I wish I had one of those little time card machines, just to see how long I did spend in the confines of my 8 x 10′ office with a view of the city. Clocking in and out would be almost as satisfying as removing a whole sheet’s worth of lint from my oh-so-top-of-the-line and oh-so-loved Maytag Dryer. (wierdly, sadly, satisfying.)

And of course this all happens when the rest of your life is buzzing around you like a bee on pollen…renovating the bathroom, cable modem breaking once again, trip to UNC Homecoming right around the corner, and (most importantly!) the desire to get something fantaboulous and Carolina Blue to wear to the game! When is there time for this all?

Can you tell I’m rambling, that my brain is a jumble of facts and figures that range from online marketing rates to shesheme promotions, to fall favorites, to sending mis-delivered mail to the rightful owners, to getting spare keys made, to packing, to meeting friends for a home-cooked meal, to sending engagement cards, to sending belated birthday wishes, to making my holiday gift lists, to starting on my holiday shopping, to paying off my credit cards, to updating my website, to sending my Mom’s tickets for our Minnesota trip, to emptying the dishwasher, to getting new cat food for Samantha who will only eat the pricey stuff, to Sullivan who may in fact finally be obese and a vet visit is around the corner, to swiffering my dining room, to picking up my perfect black pants from the dry cleaner to wear this Friday, to making sure someone waters my (dying) plants, and to the biggest one, attempting to get a hold on all I have to do between now and Friday and try and manage my life? I should make a to-do list, I think.

Hmm. Reading above, looks like I just did.

Hope your week is less crazed than mine…and be sure to check out the new pictures on the site! (The list is getting long so add “archive old pictures” to the to-do list above!)

Happy Crazy November,


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