Mundane Mondays

Got one of those emails the other day…you know, the ones where there are a list of questions that you are supposed to answer and then forward on to your friends so they “find out things they may not have known about you.”

Great concept, at least the second or third time you get them. After that, we tend to know that orange is Kelly’s favorite color, that Beth is famous for her impression of a person from Abu Dhabi, and that I don’t like croutons on my salad. (They seem out of place, no?) We all have our favorite things…be it an afternoon nap on a rainy day, unexpectedly receiving a letter from a friend, or a trip to the biggest, best sporting goods store in the city, we all have our own definition of happiness (whatcha think ’bout that car?)

Poses a good question, though. How well do we truly know our friends?

Even the best of buddies don’t tell each other everything. White lies happen now and again (“YES! I LOVE that skirt on you,” “NO it does NOT make you look fat,” or “We barely hooked up.”) At least once, we weren’t completely honest with our closest confidantes, and that is to be expected.

But ourselves. How often do we convince ourselves that spending $125 on a pair of jeans is a good choice, this decision (albeit not the best,) is ok, and that we will be fine with an extra helping of veggie lasagna?

Most of these (with the exception of the lasagna one…that can get a bit deadly!) are relatively harmless; it’s when we aren’t honest about the major things…our jobs, our family, our experiences, that we’re probably not helping ourselves that much. And yet sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do…if we can at least feign innocence with ourselves, we can mitigate the true consequences of the truth. Putting up a wall around ourselves is often easier than tackling it head on.

Don’t know why I’m in such an introspective mood today, nor do I truly know where I’m going with this. Just one of those things that is on my mind on a quiet Monday here in the ATL, where I would have sold my entire shoe wardrobe to be able to stay in bed on this rainy morning. (Except my Via Spiga red boots. Those aren’t going anywhere.)

It’s funny…on the weekends where we tend to take it easy, stay in one or (gasp!) both nights, Mondays aren’t often anticipated with great glee. If anything else, you don’t have any good stories to tell in the office! Yet I would propose that Mondays are even worse after one of the better weekends, and are often met with that “Post-Holiday-Slump” feeling. You know it…hell, you’re probably going through it! It’s the January syndrome, where after the holidays are over, you’re left with a semi-letdown-esque day, realizing that even after the best weekends there comes a Monday. Add an early-morning rainstorm, and motivation levels are at an all-time low.

Perhaps that’s causing my direction of introspection this evening, or maybe it’s the CD that I finally burned after commiting major surgery on my getting-slower-by-the-day, frustratingly-annoying, computer that received a few choice words this weekend.

Regardless, Monday is almost over, it’s a cloudless, pleasant night, and we’re about 2/3 the way through of the January, post-everything month, almost onto the shortest (read: quickest time between two paychecks!) month. What could be better than that? (I’ve got a few ideas, but with respect to time, I’ll just keep those as my own, personal, introspection.)

Hoping you all have a terrific Tuesday,


ps-Arrgggh. Mondays win again…the arm of my computer chair just broke off and fell onto the floor. Think that’s a clear sign of any that it’s bedtime here at my house-o-cats….Goodnight! (Donations to the “Aubrey’s Left Arm Doesn’t Know Where to Go Now” fund are greatly accepted!)

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