Sticks & Stones

They’re stronger than actions, they’re worth a thousand words, and while sticks and stones can hurt us, they can’t.


We often take them for granted…our vernacular changes with the years. Whereas something was groovy in the 70’s, it was phat in the 90’s. Some words, however, last the test of time. Things have been “Cool” for years…from my parents’ time (back when horse and buggies were still around!) up through today. Being considered uncool was a death sentence in 3rd grade, leaving you to spend recesses with only your own company as amusement. “Uncool” today can run the gamut from that scary guy you went on the date with last weekend to the anti-drug ads–regardless of the context, uncool is out.

We go through years of “Vocabulary Building” exercises…suffering through the spelling of “plethora” to the meaning of “surreptitious.” We build our own languages, secret codes, and invent words that only our tight-knit group of friends understands. We conceive nicknames for each other…some as terms of affection, some, not so lucky. Yet language is weaved throughout our lives, no matter what language it is we speak.

As the magazine-writer-wanna-be that I am, and as one who has a tendency to spend a GREAT deal of money on stamps and who loves to send letters and cards (to either many of your delight or annoyance!), I love being able to use language–written, spoken, or otherwise–to share my opinions & views. So, for all you bibliophile nerds out there, and all of you who share our secret language and know what the “email dance” is, (yes, you two know that I’m talking to you budding ballerinas!), I offer you the greatest word-site around.

Not a “word-a-day” site that I still regret signing up for when they send me words like “gargantuan” (duh.) but one that is amusing, addictive, and…well, I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Right now, right this very minute, stop clicking “Send/Receive” on your Outlook Inbox. Stop doing an quiz. Take a break from your SheSheMe obsession for a couple of minutes, and those shoes at They’ll still be there in a little bit.

Right now, go to and do yourself a favor.

There you’ll find such exciting words like “Eatopia” (the pleasure of eating), “Sexified” (getting dressed or preparing yourself to look sexy), and my new personal favorite, “Hottie McHotHot” (logically, a good-looking person.) After years of debate, you’ll learn that your “Boo” (girlfriend or female acquaintance) is similar to your “Shorty” (young person or attractive female). No longer will you question the proper usage of “porchclimber” (cheap wine, or wine that is consumed throughout the course of the evening), and you’re sure to use the word “fatty boombalattie” (either a term of endearment, to be used with friends who are NOT overweight, or, well…you girls know who I’m referring to!) in your next conversation. Now, not all of these are rocket science, for example, “Hump His/Her/Its Leg” means, well, just about that. Though it won’t necessarily take the place of Webster’s, this dictionary o’ slang is sure to increase your vocabulary, one way or another.

So, brandishing one new word after another, I’ll “conversate” with ya later…


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