Been thinking about dreams a lot lately.

Could be due to my recurring one about math class, not being able to find my locker (or know my combination if I do have the slightest idea where it is!) and not being able to graduate without the class (that, for some reason, I never once attended.)

My somnabulist stories also often include running…not TO anything or even FROM anything…just running for the sheer pleasure of it. In the past, I’ve won marathons, 5k’s, 10k’s, and magically, I never am winded or tired…just exhilerated.

Then there’s the vertigo dreams, where I can’t either go up/down a ladder, cross a bridge, take another step on shaky ground. Those are my least favorite ones of all, as the fear sometimes seems to permeate into real life, much to this former-heights-lover’s dismay.

Funny thing about dreams…some people (like me) remember them in great detail, such that they’re a mini-story/sitcom in my nighttime naps. Others find it strange that I can go on for 1/2 hour about some long, involved, generally senseless story that often involves famous people (other than me, that is,) or talking animals. (Brandy, yes, I’m talking about “Nancy Pantsy.” The rest of you, never mind…)

I’ve been the half-sister of the Olsen Twins (or do two halves equal a whole?), the half-sister of Portia de Rossi (though my Mom must have given birth to her when she was about 8), best friend of Julia Stiles (hung out at my house in Ohio a lot) and was invited to Utah in April with Julia Roberts (was in a very cool gondola-taxi-invention at the time of the invitation!)

Where do we come up with these ideas? Our subconscious must be working overtime…from thinking that someone was in my house (they snuck in and lit candles…I was oh-so-scared of this aromatherapy-based-stalker!) to calling off my wedding at the last minute, my dream-life is definitely progressing in a more exciting manner than my real one.

I’ve always wondered about those people that we make up in our dreams…you know, the random guy that we’re dating (who you’ve never seen before in your life), the girl in the taxicab in NYC that you got in a all-out catfight with. Why is all this creativity sequestered to our REM-cycles?

My friend dreamed her teeth were falling out…scary, but then again, my hair was falling out in my dreams a few months ago. (FYI, neither one has positive connotations…) I’ve found that “Morning Dreams” (you know, the ones you have after being awakened and then falling back asleep) are as weird as they come…and that both the good and the bad things that happen to us in real life subtly sneak into our dreams. After September 11th, buildings kept falling down around me, and trying to find my family was both difficult and seemingly futile. They’ve picked up a bit since then, but must admit that every now and again, I wake up crying in the middle of the night.

People say that their dreams often come true…I’ve definitely had weird instances of deja vu, but as of yet, I’ve not won a marathon, am still an only child, and am waiting on that call from Julia. But hey, once a dreamer, always a dreamer…so tonite I’ll try and dream about some candy and over-priced flowers for Valentine’s Day. You never know when one will come true!

Happy Monday, everyone…and happy Valentine’s Day Week!

ps-For those of you dying to check out what your messed-up dreams mean, check out swoon.com!

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