Writer’s Block

It’s Monday.

I’ll blame it on that.

The catch-all most-hated day of the week, upon which we blame everything from tardiness to tiredness, Mondays, to me, are a day of regroup.

Time to think about the weekend past, plan for the one ahead, catch up on all that was left undone last Friday, and generally, just get back into the “swing of things.”

I usually write here on my website on Mondays, having a lot to say about all that I did, said, heard, and thought over the weekend, as I’m usually brimming over with my opinions on one thing or another.

Lately, though, I feel I’ve entered a rut. Like the beach at low tide, I seem to be all dried up.

How sad. My epitaph could read “Here lies Aubrey. Ran out of creative thoughts at age 25…almost.”

Hmm. I had hoped for something a little flashier…

But I digress. There’s little more infuriating than writer’s block, especially when I don’t HAVE to write on the site. An essay being due tomorrow at 5 is one thing, but writing for the sheer pleasure of it, the release of putting my thoughts out there, that’s another thing entirely. I may not know what my opinion on Trans-Border Data flow is, but I sure SHOULD have an opinion on something!

So, as an exercise in possible futility (similar to the exercise in subtraction that is commonly known as balancing my checkbook,) here are a list of my likes & dislikes. Consider it one of those annoying email forwards where you have to fill out your info and then send on to everyone you know, or else fall off a totem pole and die. (Only w/o the grave consequences and prolonged sighs by those receiving this in their inbox..) And, being me, why not make the questions a bit more fun… a little self interview that we’ll call “Aubrey in a 5-question nutshel”l…

1. What is the most annoying part of your day? Having my fingers and toes be numb after sitting at my sub-zero desk for less than 10 minutes. Heat is a good thing.

2. If you had to rush out of your burning house, what three things (not counting Sebatty, Sillyman, and Pantha) would you rescue? My jewelry box, my photo albums, and my journal. Girly? Yes. Irreplacable? Yes again.

3. If you could be a famous tv/movie star, who would you be at the following ages: 5, 12, today? At 5, I made my parents call me Joanie (from Happy Days.) That Chachi was a hunk. 12? Probably Paula Abdul-esque person. Today? Meg Ryan or Reese Witherspoon, and yes, b/c she gets to make out with Ryan Phillippe. Lucky girl.

4. Tragic flaw (a la the days of the Odyssey and Homer and hubris): Impatience. Am just now learning to let things take their own course. As you can’t push a horse to water, some things you just can’t MAKE happen, despite how much you want them to.

5. Fame or fortune? Neither…happiness. (Though if the happiness was caused by either or both of the previous, now, who’s to scoff at that???)

AAH. See? Insightful after all. Though I can’t swear I have a steadfast opinion on Democrat vs. Republican (sorry Dad), I do know that chocolate beats vanilla hands down, a good heart beats good looks, and that tulips can just about brighten my day, any time.

Off to go watch my new DVD (my fav, of course),


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