Right here, Right now

We want it, and we want it now.

That’s pretty much the mantra for us living in the “naughts”, the gen x-y-z-ers that we’ve been told that we are. Convenience is key and without it, we’re lost.

Just about everything can be done while sitting in your car, sitting at your desk, or from the comfort of your own (heavily down-comforter/feather-bed-filled) bed. Banking, shopping, you name it…the less we have to do, the better.

We’ve begun to expect these “conveniences” of life as our de facto standard of living. Resultantly, when one is taken away or malfunctions, our temper rises, our frustration escalates, and we’re sent packing back into the paper-trail world of the 80’s.

Quelle tragedy.

Point in case. Just started a new job (as you know), and instantly I was thrown from a world where many were proud to be known as the technophile nerds that we are (were) to a place where technoPHOBE has a whole new meaning altogether. Found myself in a place where people will walk across the office to talk to someone instead of (gasp!) sending an email. This from a girl who has been known to IM her officemate. (Come on, you’re guilty too.)

The concept of Palm Pilots are still relatively new, and my wireless email? Lightyears ahead. Sending me back to the pen and paper concept of a DayPlanner. (Granted, it’s my overpriced Kate Spade one that is TRES chichi and TRES bulky.)

You win some, you lose some.

Yet to get to the basis of this, we have to realize that we’ve grown up in a society that is all about instant gratification. On-demand movies, groceries being delivered to your home, instant messaging and online banking are the way of the future and face it, that future is now. We’ve been so accustomed to simplification, reducing our effort from moderate to semi-nonexistant.

This is nothing new, though…improvements to our society, ways of making things easier, is called progress. Who takes the stairs when you have the ease and convenience of an elevator? Who writes letters anymore (besides me), when emails and phone calls instantly connect each other?

As much as we are moving forward, it’s important to retain some of our traditions that are threatened with extinction. The Post Office, for example, is in such a budget crisis that they are considering raising stamps 3 cents this summer to make up for their losses. Besides the scare of Anthrax that dramatically affected mail traffic, this trend has been going on for the past 10 years. People just aren’t sending letters anymore.

I think that, in itself, is a tragedy. While I embrace my Blackberry organizer, my cell phone, and the power of the Internet, the power and meaning of a letter can never be replaced with a point-and-click facsimile.

Still, progress will continue…but I’ll take a tangible love letter over a sweet email any day.

Have a great Friday…off to the great state of North Cakalaky to celebrate Kelly’s upcoming wedding,


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