Same time, different place

A year ago today I was getting ready to lanquish on a beach on the Mediterranean. On my way to Marbella, Spain, for a little R&R, I remember the worries that weighed on my mind, the people that I missed, even the things I had to do. Though I knew how quickly things could change, I was pretty sure that at least some of those important things would remain the same.

Once again confirming the fact that I truly don’t know anything.

It’s funny how something, or someone, can be the end-all, be-all and that we can’t imagine our lives without them in it. We are a people of habit, quickly getting used to our own personal customs and patterns, that any slight variation is received as a somewhat substantial change. Such that when something of true substance happens, a break-up, a move, a death, we tend to see it in catastrophic terms, feeling foolish for not anticipating or having the foresight to guard ourselves from the hurt.

That’s life for you…one surprise after the next.

I wonder where I will be a year from today…hopefully not sitting under flourescent lights in my workspace, the faint sound of a drill signaling continuing renovations buffered only by the thunderstorm that alerts us that Spring has arrived in Atlanta. Who would have thought, last year, that in a mere six months the safety and security of our country that we had always known would be questioned in an instant? I’m sure that while I was sunbathing on the rocky beach, daydreaming about my 2.5 kids and forthcoming SUV with my then-man-o-the-moment (yes, we all do that…), my self-mandated clairvoyance didn’t include the tragedy that was about to ensue.

So again, I ask, I wonder where I, where we, will be a year from today. Wrapped up in myself, my job, my friends, my oh-so-hectic and dizzyingly full love life, it’s much easier to imagine things as we would like them to be as opposed to what could happen. Guided by the mandate that anything is possible, I prefer to believe in the future that includes me sharing fame, fortune, and frozen margaritas with people known to me as Gwynnie, Julia, and Jenn Pitt. (Not to mention their other halves, or my future suitors like Tom, Josh, and who can resist a Mr. H. Ledger?) I would much rather see myself as the new author of a hit column on, being saught after by the folks at Maxim (for my scathing wit and quick, albeit sometimes dirty, mind), or being able to go on mini-vaca’s on the spur of the moment, a result of my flourishing bank account.

Try as I might, wish as I will, I can’t predict the future. People, some sadly and some with no regret, come and go in our lives like the revolving door at the Ritz. (Then again, I think it’s automated and glass, but you get my drift.) So my wish would be that my friends would remain, adding new ones to the random gang of alco-philes and social-ite-ish ones that we at least attempt to be, that we continue to seek challenge and intrigue and new experiences, and that no matter where we are, we remember where we’ve been.

So, see you next year… Same time, different place.


PS: Check out the pictures from Kelly’s shower weekend in Raleigh…we’re buff, beautiful, and blitzed! (ha!)

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