Give it to me NOW!

You know you did it. I did it too.

Your next door neighbor? Yep. He did it.

Your parents did it, your aunts and uncles did it, hell, even your grandparents at one point did it.

Me? I still do it. Often, with vim, vigor, and passion. Gusto, you might say.

I did it, I do it, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. My own personal guilty pleasure, but it gets me where I want, where I need, to go.

I do it a lot, actually. In private, in public, wherever and whenever the mood strikes me. Ashamed? Never.

It’s a way of life for some people, those lucky souls that don’t need to do it to get what they want.
I, on the other hand, prefer to lay it all out there on the line.
Never one for subtlety, I find it better to put your cards, and your needs, on the table, and then just go for it.

So here I go…I’m going to do it.

I’m going to write my birthday wish list. (What did you THINK I was talking about?)

Rounding the corner in just over a week to the quarter-of-a-century mark, I find myself not needing very much. And I feel very grateful for that. I’ve got wonderful friends, an amazing family, a job (note the lack of the adjective there), a roof over my head and food (or something processed-like-it) in my refrigerator. Yes, I still long for this and that…a week’s vacation or a day at the Spa, a laptop or a necklace, but do I need them?

Naah. I can live without a new beach hat (despite how cute it is!), can go another day without the new, gardenia-infused Kate Spade perfume, and while I would love some new furniture for my new house, I can definitely get by with what I have.

Daisies? Divine.
Tulips? Even better.
Much loved, but, in all honesty, not all needed.

My Mom always told me that I needed to learn my “druthers”. Whether I would rather [druther!] have a new lego set or a beach ball, a blow-pop or a pack of gum.

Years later, I think I finally get it.

I would love to have the material things, the knickknacks that I so easily tend to accumulate or the pair of shoes that will MAKE the outfit, but in the long run, I think I would rather have the little surprises. They mean more and take up much less space. (Very important for one who is moving for the fifth time in two years!)

So my wish list goes like this:

1. I wish for a day full of sunshine at the beach, nary a care in the world except the proper application of sunscreen and the insurance that I will have a full cooler of beverages to my right.
2. I wish for one of those perfect fall football days at UNC, where you run into people you haven’t seen in years while chanting the Tar Heel fight song or over a Blue Cup. (Or, even better, both at one time!)
3. I wish for one brutally cold day where you swear, once and for all, you are packing it all up and moving to the Caribbean.
4. I wish for one afternoon Spring rainstorm where laying in bed, either alone or with someone you love, is really all you want to do.
5. I wish for a day of laughter, an afternoon of smiles, a night of passion. (Sorry, had to throw that in! You know you do too!)
6. I wish for a candlelit dinner where you are so happy that you can’t get that goofy grin off of your face.
7. I wish for unexpected little treats, like a check in the mail or when they undercharge you for your McD’s french fries.
8. I wish for safety and security, good health and true happiness for those whom I love. I know it sounds trite, but when these things are threatened or questioned, you realize that they are, above all else, all that matters.
9. I wish for a favorite song to come on the radio when I’m feeling sad, instantly putting a smile on my face.
10. I wish for the future, the realization of my dreams, getting what I want and knowing that NOT getting what I want was better in the long run.
11. I wish for the impossible…the discovery of an on-tune singing voice or a supermodel skinny butt
12. I wish for the improbible…the discovery of ME as the next famous writer/singer/model/actress/celebrity in the “non-I-Married-a-Millionaire” sort of way.
13. I wish for the preposterous…psychic powers to tell when someone’s not telling me the truth or the foreknowledge of the winning lottery numbers, the ability to go back in time and tell people those great comeback lines that I always come up with later that evening when it’s too late, the power to somehow ‘become’ Gwynneth Paltrow, at least for a day.
14. I wish for a day when I am just, plain and simple, happy with what I have, with who I am, and with what I’ve become.
15. I wish for a year, a decade, a lifetime of love and laughter.

The simple things, I tell you, it’s the simple things that count.

But hey, if you want to surprise me with a Saab Convertible, who am I to complain?!?!

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