Summer Nights

This past weekend, I was talking with a friend at dusk, that magical time when the stars seem to gently appear into the evening sky, small dots of light getting brighter as the rest of the sky darkens. Made me think about summers past and how grateful I am for the memories that I made in my youth.

I remember those summer nights…lying on my back in my driveway, staring at the sky with friends. How the evening would still be muggy and the driveway underneath us would be resonating with a residual heat, a lasting memory of the warmth of the day. We would spend these sundown hours walking, talking –about things that seemed so important. Our innocence and our youth apparent in our conversations, with our worries consisting of who kissed who and our classes for the next school year.We inherently knew that we were no longer children, but not yet ready for the adulthood that beckoned on the forefront.

We would lie there, the smell of the freshly cut grass diced with evening dew, the sound of sprinklers in the background, witnessing the “little” kids shrieking with glee upon the capture of a lightning bug.

These were Fourth of July picnics and pool party nights, these were exciting times in that they were just another evening. We reveled in our time off from school, spending it riding our bikes, laughing with each other, and contemplating the conundrums of the universe which included the then-tragedies of breakups and makeups, the center of our 7th grade world. We were safe, we were happy, we had all we could want and need.

I long to recapture this innocence, this overwhelming feeling of delight in the small things, the easy comfortability we had with our friends, and the anticipation of times to come. I think about these times, when a shooting star could make our evening, and know that at least for a few short hours, all was right in the world.

Wishing you all many magical summer nights to come,


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