Tryin’ this again…

This is the third-ish
iteration of my site, and I cautiously say that I think it’s getting better with time. I’ve changed the look (a few times), I’ve changed the navigation, and now, I’m changing the way it works. Here’s the deal.

I’m a writer. I write. I write good things, I write not-so-good things, and now and again I get to hear what you think about it. The suggestions, the compliments, the criticisms…they’re much appreciated and much needed. There’s a balance that goes on for us writers, weighing our words against our audience, writing for ourselves and yet writing for others. It can be a struggle at times, especially when maintaining the truth and honesty that is imperative to convey within our writing with the anticipation of the reaction from our known audience. For instance, I knew that the piece I wrote on “I Do being the next Must-do” was going to ruffle a few feathers. (Thus the disclaimer.) Yet it is what I feel and it would be sacrificing my own thoughts to not write with honesty. So I try, hopefully somewhat successfully, to manage this balance in my writings.

But it’s not all about me. You, the audience, have your own views and your own takes on what I say. And I want, I need, to hear these. So I’m opening this up for you, for you to state your ideas and refute or rebut what I write, if you feel like it. I want your comments, I want your ideas, and I want you to say
that you think I’m out of my mind because, hey, it happens.

Here’s how it works. You read what I write. You like? You dislike? You question? You critique? Yes. Yes, yes, and another yes. So you write yourself — you let me know how the article is taken, what it invokes (which, I hope, is something) and you post it here.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

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