Random Thoughts

Am trying to write something quick for the site, since I’ve finally got my house pictures up here, and of course, Sebastian has chosen this second to perch himself precariousy on my lap and upper arms, making typing a difficult chore. That said, at least it gave me something to write about, since my mind is full of one of a thousand different things. From the Chic Market in Raleigh next week to my upcoming beach trip(s), to the fact that I think my boss is permanently MIA leaving me with the most difficult people in the world to quasi-manage (who laugh at me when I give them direction and tell me I don’t understand what the nature of the project is), to the fact that my bank account holds somewhere near $450 for the rest of the month (Ramen noodles, anyone?) to my bad dreams I’ve been having lately to the sense of frustration about not being a ‘real’ writer (thus in a position that pays me to write anything than grievance documentation emails), it’s been a crazy few weeks. You’ll forgive me if I ramble, but these are a few things I’ve had on my mind:

1. Pet Psychic, on Animal Planet. Have you seen this show? It’s a hoot, plain and simple. The woman, whose English accent I’m convinced is fake, talks to animals both alive and ones who are in the ‘doghouse and litterbox in the sky’. A modern day Dr. Doolittle, only without Eddie Murphy and that funny guinea pig.

2. Touch up paint. Turns out that the paint the former owners left me is too white to match with the current white. Sadly, found this out after doing a few touch-ups in the evening. Sadder still that my entire upstairs and hallway leading up there is white. Anyone want to help me paint?

3. Football Games. Yes, my fav. season is starting again so be ready for my weekly updates on Drew (and Danny and anyone else that I may or may not have kissed at one point in my life or may or may not have been my prom date) success(es.) I just know they’ll be many to come.

4. Cooking. I actually sort of like this now. I made my friend Jessica’s yummy Yogurt Curry chicken the other day, and I must say, I did good. Nigella Bites I’m not, but Aubrey Cooks has a ring to it.

5. Letter-writing. For those of you who have come to expect a letter from me on a semi-regular basis, I promise I’ll start that again. Promise. As soon as my house is painted, bills are paid, cats are fed, house is cleaned, work is tolerated (and jumping out the window is avoided), boys are kissed, beach trips are had, Mom’s are taught that NO, I am NOT watching Regis and Kelly, I am at work, coworkers are reprimanded, Chic Markets are big successes, canvas is gessoed, and, most importantly, toenails are painted, I’ll get right on that.

I know you’ll be waiting by the mailbox.

Until then, have a great weekend and smooches all around (especially to Nick…sorry for missing your bday, baby. Card is on its way!)


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