There’s something to be said for happenstance. Best laid plans often go awry, sending our pre-set expectations into the great void of chance and adventure and leaving us often somewhere we didn’t want to be. Yet sometimes, it’s those occasions that can change your life.

True, I’ve touched upon this subject before, questioning our role in our future and wondering who is the true determiner of our destiny. Is the road less traveled the one we were intended to be on anyway? Is fate folly, and do we really have any control over our own futures?

At this venture, I’d say “sometimes.” After many times heeding my Mom’s advice about going to a party that I didn’t want to, to “go anyway, [as] you always have a good time when you least expect it,” only to be disappointed and frustrated at wherever I was that I didn’t want to be at anyway, I was cynical. But now? I think she may have been on to something.

A planner at heart, I can resolutely say that my weekends are booked through October, and any glitch, change, or severe alteration in my plans sends my Type-A tail in a residual tailspin. Discrepancies from my plan brings me stress and aggrivation, leaving me with a scoul on my face and some time to fill.

Take this weekend, for instance. Plans were set, dates were planned, details were decided. Then an unexpected — and unwelcome — change sent me back to the drawing board. Irritated? Of course. Frustrated? You don’t know the half of it. Perfect? Amazingly, unknowingly, yes. Magical. All that I wanted and more. Without going into too much detail, it has made me think that my Mom knew what she was talking about. My weekend ended up working out better than I could ever plan myself, with surprises around every corner, teaching me that perhaps I should plan less and just live more.

Thanks, Mom, for your good advice. From now on, I’ll live in the moment instead of trying to portray the moment as I’d envsioned it. I’ll roll wih the punches, take life how it is dealt, and welcome the unexpected. It sure worked out this time…

Hope you had a great weekend as well,


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