Disturbing Statistics

I was recently checking some of the stats on my website — hits and whatnot — and I came to the list of the keywords. Basically, some of you out there were searching for this site, or came upon it by going to your happy little favorite search engine and entering a related word when — voila! You came here. The list itself, however, is a bit interesting, and for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included it below:

20% aubrey
12% wwwaubreysabalacom
12% aubreysabalacom
8% naked
8% aubreysabala
4% sabala
4% songs
4% phi
4% drinking
4% spade
4% perfume
4% kate
4% dating
4% hooters
4% com

First, I am glad to see that ‘naked’ was used by 8% of the searchers to reach this site. I hope you found what you were looking for but, basically, I doubt it. With the exception of a nipple or two (NICE, Billy, VERRRRYYY Nice…) aubreysabala.com is pure wholesome living.

This is supported by the 4% keywords of ‘drinking’, ‘dating’, and ‘hooters’. Wow. My life summed up in a nutshell. Throw in ‘kate’ ‘spade’ and ‘perfume’ and we’ve found ourselves a winner.

AubreySabala.com — naked, drinking, dating Sabala hooters. I couldn’t be more proud.


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