Aubrey version 2.0

Announcing…the release of Aubrey, version 2.0. Bigger and better in some ways, and hopefully NOT bigger in others, the new release offers more functionality and more insight. It offers improved interaction, aestheic look and feel, and an all-around improved user experience. It retains the features that many of you (hopefully) know and love, the quality you’ve come to trust, and the inherent style that makes it unique. Definitely a work in progress, but definitely has come long ways from previous versions.

Please take some time to experience the updated 2.0 version of Aubrey, as feedback is definitely appreciated. Bug reports, problems, and questions will be addressed and responded to upon their receipt of arrival, and can be categorized as follows: “Too many emails invoking me to check out the site”, “Unwanted late night phone calls”, “Negative depiction of public photographs on site”, “Unnecessary public make-outs”, and the like.

Aubrey 2.0 comes with no user manual but offers some tips and tricks for your interoperability:
1. Flowers make this release respond in positive ways
2. Too many VS+2L (Vodka Soda + 2 Limes) strongly affect response time
3. Charm with actions, not words
4. Proffer patience, as bugs are still being discovered and worked out daily
5. Be supportive of further releases, including new ventures, jobs, locations, boyfriends, etc.
6. Offer feedback — 2.0 is still technically a Beta release and needs input to develop into a more viable and even better product

Thank you for your continued support of Aubrey v. 2.0 — entertaining as always, a work in progress, in one tidy lil’ package of a displaced Ohioan.


(Oh yes, beyond my own personal changes, I’ve updated my website as well!)

3 thoughts on “Aubrey version 2.0

  1. Like the look and the words…though I wish there was a user manual (not really for you so much, since I don’t know you from Adam, Eve, or anyone else I don’t know at all) but for women in general. User manuals are good.
    How is it that (I believe) this is the first comment? It defies logic…

  2. Women are like the clock VCRs… each one responds to different a different sequence of actions to get a positive reaction. So there can be no universal user manual for women for they are all unique.
    That’s the great thing about them. It is also the most annoying thing too!

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