Top Five…

…Songs that are my own guilty pleasure in the fact that they’re either technically atrocious or overplayed but regardless bring a smile to my face
1. Glory of Love (Peter Cetera, circa 4th grade bus rides and Karate Kid 2)
2. Blame it on the Rain (I don’t care if they were faking, that song moved me)
3. Love Bites (Sad that the only culmination of my dream of slow-dancing to this one happened on the roof of Hooters in Cleveland with a Bartender. Sadder yet that the year was 2001.)
4. Your Body is a Wonderland (Apparently John Mayer wrote this for Jennifer “my friends call me ‘Love'” Hewitt, but despite that obvious bad choice on his part, the description of ‘crawling towards the pillows’ charms me)
5. Love the One You’re With (If you can’t be with the one you love, I suppose this is good advice. Or at least advice that I follow)

…Things I Have Eaten in the Last Two Nights that are a DEFINITE PERK of my Job but will Surely Send me on the Road to Obesity
1. Blue Crab, Lobster and Shrimp Appetizer in a creamy buerre reduction sauce
2. Grand Marnier-flambeed Crepes
3. Blood Orange Creme Brulee
4. Blue Lump Crabmeat and Lean Sirloin with Three-Cheese Polenta and Wild Mushrooms
5. Pan-Seared Swordfish with Spinach Risotto, Braised Artichokes in a Butter/Olive Oil/Wild Mushroom compote

…Cities that I would one day — perhaps sooner than later — run away to and the reasons why
1. San Diego — Convertibles. AAAH.
2. Chicago — Lake Shore Drive. Oh, and the shopping.
3. Charlotte — Wanna raise my kids on Queens Road West, a sentence I often repeat when drunk without realizing that speaking about kids to boys when I have none should send them running to the hills
4. Austin — Matthew McConaughey lives there
5. Sydney — Bridge Walk guides and Surfing instructors who didn’t balk at the sight of me in a wetsuit

…Things that despite my never-ending love for my sweet kittens annoys me to my very last nerve
1. Samantha’s boycotting of the litterbox and subsequent confusion over “my bathtub” vs. “her litterbox”
2. Sullivan’s incessent desire to try and explore the depths of my naval cavity as entered through my nostril
3. Sebastian’s obsession with the faucet and his misbelief that every time I stand up I am, in fact, walking upstairs to turn it on for him to drink out of
4. Their tendency to eat faux Holiday greenery and garland, only to witness it later during Litterbox duty
5. Sebastian’s Alpha-Male syndrome of harrassing Samantha just for shits and giggles

…Things that make me forget their bad behaviour and know I’m truly blessed to have these loving creatures in my life
1. The way they sit, patiently, with a true look of concern in their faces when/if I ever find myself in tears, be it over a lost love or out of frustration with my overburdened ‘falling-down-on-my-head’ closet
2. The fact they can contort themselves into self-anal cleansing yet, unlike what most males I know would try and do, don’t take advantage of that fact by exploring, um, other parts of themselves
3. The fact that they never mention that I am an atrocious singer and, at least I like to believe this, they actually enjoy my off-tune ditties
4. That they’ve never let me down, and no matter what type of day I’m having, don’t change the subject and turn it back to them or the delight of a two-car garage
5. The eternal delight in knocking things off of shelves just to see what happens when they fall to the ground

…Books or Movies that have made me weep in true sadness or cry with a smile on my face
1. The Lovely Bones
2. Life as a House
3. My Life
4. Stepmom
5. Life is Beautiful

…Things that I have done that will either make you mistakenly think that I (still or currently) like you or that will make you (mistakenly) think that I don’t
1. Called you a few times after drinking
2. Called you a few times after drinking and was too drunk to accurately enter *67 so you wouldn’t realize that I called you the next morning
3. Called you a few times after drinking and was unfortunately a bit forward or irritating
4. Talked about other boys in front of you while, surprisingly, drinking
5. Never telling you my true feelings, one way or another.

…in the true sense of the ‘top five-ness’ list (and for this one, no particular order)
1. Heath Ledger
2. Michael Vaughn
3. Kirk Herbstreit
4. Scott Speedman
5. Paul Walker

3 thoughts on “Top Five…

  1. I discovered your site a few months ago and It’s been and continues to be a pleasure to read your regular updates. I am in my twenties and think a lot like you on many subjects. It’s great to read such interesting stuff and to see so many fun pics all the time. I thank you for entertaining me and making me feel like I’m not the only one who thinks a certain way for certain things. You’re witty, sarcastic, peppy, you’re the way I think a lot of chicks our age should be. Keep being yourself and I’ll keep reading.

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