A Holiday Song

So basically, I’m beat. I’m tired, I’m pooped, I’m exhausted, I’m all that and a whole lot more of just worn out. Give me your tired, your weary, your poor — basically, me in a nutshell.

It’s the double-edged sword that is the Holiday Season. (Note I didn’t say ‘Christmas’ as a feeble attempt at Politically Correct-speak.) You hustle your little bustle off — here, there, everywhere. (I sense a song coming on…so hum the following to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, if you will…)

You know dashing to parties to be quite a vixen,
Wishing for Cupid while gettin’ a-blitzen,
But do you recall…the most famous tradition of all…

Visa, the big fat charge card,
With a high limit, it’s a cinch,
And if you ever need it,
It’s always there in a pinch.

Visa, its brother Amex,
Are little devils in disguise,
The banes of my existance,
My money gone before my eyes.

But on one windy Atlanta day,
I received my bill,
“Aubrey you must stop right now
before it makes you ill”


As I’m such a pauper,
I need to tell you one more thing,
This year don’t expect big snazzy gifts,
I’m making everything!

Consider that your first hand-made gift, with love from me, to you.


4 thoughts on “A Holiday Song

  1. Aub, you rock – merry christmas to you and the felines – wish i could visit you during the holidays! keep up the site – i need something entertaining to read while at home with the relatives…

  2. Right Aub – I agree; when it comes to gifts it’s the thought that counts (when your cards finally expire)…
    Unless, of course, that you’re talking ’bout mine. And me? Well what do you get the shallow materialistic guy? I’m thinkin’ the new Lexus commercial will put you on the right track, perhaps a speedboat, or head.
    Please note: It is recommended you don’t forward the complete wish list to family members

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