The Official Aubrey 2002 List

Best addition to my Top Five List:
Michael Vartan (Agent Vaughn from Alias. TASTY.)

Most likely to be added to my Top Five List for 2003:
Evan from “Joe Millionaire”

Best activity perfected early in the year of 2002 that needs to be repeated again soon, pink scarf and all:
Late-night dance parties

Best name for a dog imagined in one of my long-winded dreams:
Nancy Pantsy

Best memory reminisced upon in 2002:
Summer Nights

Best book that had tears running down my face in public at the Phoenix airport:
The Lovely Bones

Place most likely to try to crash at when frighteningly inebriated and often belligerent:
This cute little house with a red door

Best wedding I didn’t spend nearly enough time at due to someone heinously making me leave:
Katie & Austin Koon’s

Best post-wedding action by a bridesmaid:
TIE: Tracy telling everyone that I was a transvestite because I worked for and me subsequently falling down the stairs at Top of the Hill

Scariest picture of 2002:

Worst outfit I wore in 2002
This little number to the Peach Bowl & afterwards to a New Year’s Party in which I was (and I quote) “sloppily making out in public”

Best Christmas present I didn’t get:
Sewing Machine or Wireless Modem

Best Birthday present I did:
Kissing Booth at our Three-way Throwdown

Best word I coined in 2002:

Best piece of advice by someone I don’t really know re: my intended actions on Memorial Day:
We won’t have any TP left if you go roll their house

Best thing about not going anywhere for Labor Day:
Saving $ and sleeping in

Worst thing about not going anywhere for Labor Day:
Having your closet fall down on your head 3 times and then receiving news that completely broke your heart and led you to weep on your spare bedroom floor since your own room was uninhabitable due to the piles of clothes taking over every square inch

Best new activity that I took up:
Pilates, despite the pain induced by “Lady of Pain” Lane (my teacher)

Worst new activity that I took up and/or continued:
Drunk dialing, repeatedly

Somewhere between the best and the worst new/continued activity that I took up in 2002:
Singing Christmas Carols on Mike Warner’s phone machine on a weekly basis

Best Purchase of the year:
My hizouse

Worst Purchase of the year:
Car cell-phone charger that fell out of the car within 24 hours of its purchase

Best phone call I received that wasn’t technically in 2002 in my time zone but may have been in the caller’s time zone:
Brian Kiger, who has still not accepted my many proposals of marriage

Best mode of procrastination when I don’t feel like assessing epidemiological software in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Feel free to add your own best/worst by clicking on ‘Your Thoughts?’ below …

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