An exercise in happiness

Thank God for friends.

They’re there for all the much-needed times, esp. when your pilates-induced endorphin high wears off around 10 am and that, in combination with work drudgery and a few other unrelated annoyences, sends you into a tailspin of a funk. They’re there to play stupid little games on IM to cheer each other up by telling them why they should be in a good mood, after all. (And aren’t I sweet, I even disguised this angel on earth’s name to protect her identity.)

AubreyOS: 1. You wear a little teensy weensie size and are comfortable walking on the beach sans shorts and cover up
IM Friend: 2. You have a good clavicle and are comfortable showing your cleavage
AubreyOS: 3. You paid off your credit card.
IM Friend: 4. You are going to San Diego
AubreyOS: 5. I am going to stay in the Hotel del Coronado when in San Diego even if I do not have a boyfriend as we near Valentine’s Day
AubreyOS: 6. You have a Burberry blanket and a Burberry purse and a trip to Hawaii
IM Friend: 7. You have a coach purse and expensive jeans and your OWN home.
AubreyOS: 8. You have a very quiet washing machine.
IM Friend: 9. You have 3 feline friends
AubreyOS: 10. You didn’t date a boy named [name withheld to protect the asshole] but you DID know [another guy that one of us dated] when he had a mustache.
AubreyOS: 11. You have a very pretty kitchen and a hubby who cooks and you STILL aren’t fat.
IM Friend: 12. You throw fun parties
AubreyOS: 13. Your job doesn’t include assessing epidemiological software for the cdc
IM Friend: 14. Your job doesn’t include pretending to care about the philanthropic habits of rich people.
AubreyOS: 15. It’s very improbable that your feet are anywhere near as cold as mine are.
IM Friend: 16. It’s warm today in the southeast
AubreyOS: 17. I already did one part of my two-part exercise regime today and am actually looking forward to my 2 mile run as an effort to regain the endorphin high that just dropped off thus leaving me in a substantial funk.
IM Friend: 18. I slept until almost 8 and didn’t come to work until almost 10 and am very happy about that.
AubreyOS: 19. I made a kickass chicken curry dinner the other night, providing proof that perhaps there IS hope for me after all in the cooking dept.
IM Friend: 20. I ordered a fabulous new red chair so that more than 3 people can sit in my living room.
AubreyOS: 21. You live in a town where the guy to girl ratio isn’t nearly as skewed as it is in Atlanta, even if you (as a married) can’t enjoy it.
IM Friend: 22. You live in a town that has better shopping even if you can’t always afford it.
AubreyOS: 23. You at one point in your life dated someone we nicknamed “Precious Puppy” and you turned out ok after all
IM Friend: 24. Ditto for Pubehead
AubreyOS: 25. You didn’t shower with your PP in public at the Carolina Inn unlike some other people that we know, ahem, did (And I didn’t DATE Pubehead, and don’t know if that makes it better or worse)
IM Friend: 26. You can get into strip clubs without paying cover.
AubreyOS: 27. You can go to Oasis cafe any time you want to and get “Muenster Mash” without having to drive 7 hours.
IM Friend: 28. You have cheesecake factory at your disposal.
AubreyOS: 29. You could actually go to cheesecake factory and not gain 10 pounds unlike me who can’t even drive by it without adding a kg or twenty to my rotund ass
IM Friend: 30. You have the opportunity to do pilates on a regular basis while I am left to pour through the videos on
AubreyOS: 31. You have Tivo and could probably record some Pilates moves on the Exercise channel (do they still have that anymore?)
IM Friend: 32. You have the best nail polish collection of anyone I know and always have.
AubreyOS: (Very true. I’ll definitely agree with that. 🙂
AubreyOS: 33. You may have red-haired kids and I’m jealous
IM Friend: 34. You may have the cutest blond 3 year old with curls ever conceived.
AubreyOS: (again, very true. If I ever procreate in this decade, that is.)
AubreyOS: 35. You don’t have a burning desire to eat masses of sushi and double-chocolate cake, clearly a genetic mistake and a subconscious subterfuge of my doing very well with my exercise and diet plan status
IM Friend: 36. You don’t have to share your bed with a full grown man who steals the covers and snores.
AubreyOS: 37. You don’t have to share your bed with THREE full-grown cats, one of which who snores so loudly that it sounded like my phone was on Vibrate this morning.
IM Friend: 38. True. Very True.

Damn. I think that worked.

PS: In funk again. Guess what I just saw:
HBO is preparing for life without “Sex.”

HBO has made official what had been rumored for weeks: The upcoming sixth season of “Sex and the City” will be its last. The critically acclaimed comedy will do 20 episodes, with 12 airing this summer, starting in June. The other eight won’t be shown until next January.

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