25 Things You May Not Have Known About Me (and may not want to)

1. I won second place in the fifth grade spelling bee.
2. I used to make Barbie and Ken have sex in the Barbie pool by throwing them in there and letting them stay for a while. I figured that whatever sex was, they could do it in the pool in a few days time.
3. I have still never seen the end of “What Lies Beneath” because I got too freaked out at the Ouiji board scene and turned it off.
4. Mashed potatoes and corn mixed together are one of my favorite dishes.
5. To the best of my knowledge, I am still the Lee Burneson Middle School 7th grade champion of the most sit-ups in a minute’s time. I was third in the V-Sit and Reach.
6. I’ve just recently discovered Quaker Instant Grits, and am obsessed with the “Cheese Lovers” variety pack.
7. Besides my family and friends, I’ve never told anyone that I’ve loved them.
8. I tried to campaign to my Mom to have another baby sometime in my fourth grade year. Clearly, I was unsuccessful.
9. Due to a bad experience my freshman year with a bottle of Bourbon, I try quite hard to stay away from that lethal nectar.
10. I fell off my bike in 2nd grade, breaking my three front teeth. They’re still bonded to this day (and will become veneers once I decide to spend my $$ on that instead of overpriced jeans.)
11. I’ve had my heart broken quite a few times, yet will still dive in, headfirst, to new love whenever it presents itself.
12. I hate pickles, mustard, peppers, and onions.
13. I can tolerate honey mustard, as long as it’s heavy on the honey and lite on the mustard.
14. I would move to Australia in a heartbeat.
15. My first crush was on Ethan Foster in third grade, and when he asked me to ‘go with him’, I said ‘no’ because, even though I liked him, I didn’t want my parents to know I “liked boys” yet.
16. My first kiss was at age 13 1/2 with Jon McConnell, who is now engaged to a girl that I went to middle/high school with.
17. There are four words that I hate more than life itself, and they’re so bad that I’m not even going to put them down here even though none of them is typically a ‘cuss word’
18. When the nurse sent home a letter to my parents in third grade, telling them I needed glasses, I hijacked the letter from the mailbox and tore it up, placing the pieces in my bedroom waste basket. My parents taped it back together and promptly sent me to the eye doctor.
19. I hate the scent of vanilla.
20. My favorite ice cream is Jake’s Apple Pie-Scream, made right here in Hot-lanta (and within biking distance from my house!)
21. I’ve cried myself to sleep in the last month.
22. When I was about 2, I used to turn over the bricks that lined our garden and have conversations with the tweedle bugs. (Proving I’ve never been at a loss for words, even at a young age.)
23. The only color I really can’t wear is a peachy-skin-tone.
24. I hated Mad Balls and Garbage Pail Kids so much I used to pray that God would make them go away.
25. If my house was burning down and I could only save the things I could grab quickly, I would throw the cats under one arm, grab my jewelry box, my journal, and my photo album. (And possibly my laptop, if I had space.)

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