So long, farewell…

It’s official.

The letters are signed, with both the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. Happy hour has been had, lunch is finished. The desk has been cleared off, pictures taken down, and even George is swimming with excitement. (Or he may just be pissed that my driving skills caused half of his water to sploosh out on the seat. Who knows.)

Regardless, my reign as a Boozer is over. I am now officially unemployed.

Goodbye, to quote some dumb song, is one of the saddest words. Whether you’re leaving a job you hated or a job you loved, there are people that you’ll miss. Without going into which situation above mine fell under, I’m melancholy, and no, it’s not just because I’m still feeling the aftermath of my inordinate number of drinks and shots of (and I can’t believe I did this) Rumplemintz consumed. I’m sitting here at home with my bags o’ stuff in my trunk feeling a little wistful over the last 13 months of my life.

That said, it was far from a joyride the entire time. Many of you remember the DFE-time (data f-ing entry, also known as “The Dark Period”) where I’d honestly come home crying, those people were so hideously mean to me. We can also talk about the anything-but-lovely weather in San Diego, but hey — give me a few drinks and I’ll tell you what REALLY happened there. We can also talk about the complete and utter boredom I’ve had for the past few weeks, doing, and I quote, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so I should probably apologize to the recipients of many a whiny phone call to pass my time away. All in all, though, it’s been good. It’s been fun. It’s been real.

And now? To bigger and better. (Or at least I hope, bigger and better.) I’m quite excited to FINALLY be doing some writing, and there’s that inherent anticipation you get when you start a new job. I’m excited to be taking a week off. I’m excited about my trip to Chicago, and hope you know I’m serious when I say I want to go to a Cubs game (so plan on it). I’m all-the-more excited about my first week on the job, especially since it will be in NYC. I’m excited about, well, just about everything right now — Happy Hour tonite, Steeplechase tomorrow, the challenge of not using a barf bag on Sunday en route to Chi-town. Face it, I’m a happy Aubrey.

So, no snappy conclusion here, but a bit of housekeeping news.

1. Clearly, my work email won’t be active after today, so use or
2. If anyone wants Garrett’s popcorn, let me know and I’ll bring you some back.
3. Please wish for good weather next week in the mid-section of the country.
4. New pics are up. ENJOY…
5. Leave a comment. I’m off to get a pedi and to do a little shopping, and I expect to see something when I get back.

Until next time…

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