Instant Gratification

You know how I always say I’m in love?

I mean it this time.


The best part (besides the obvious) is that I’ve got the BEST Vanity Plate idea ever:


Goodbye Sabala Saturn, Hello SAABALA.

I love my life.

(Now accepting donations so I can afford to eat…)

12 thoughts on “Instant Gratification

  1. I HATE vanity plates. With a passion. Forever. But I have to admit that I kinda like SAABALA. And it’s forced me to consider my long standing hatred of vanity plates and realize that I only hate blatantly obvious ones.

  2. I was always a big fan of 2FAST4U. Even worse than vanity plates, though, are those stickers that go across the front of a person’s windshield, the ones that can only be read through a person’s rearview mirror.
    “Fear this”
    or, even better:
    “Here comes trouble”

  3. Awesome car! And I think my alltime favorite sticker was this one: “Outta my way! I gotta pee!”
    So here’s a completely unrelated question. After Sunday’s episode of Alias, where Michael (the snake) Vartan showed up in the last five minutes married TO ANOTHER WOMAN, does that knock him off your top five?

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