A funny thing about vacation – it has to end sometime. Gone are the lackadaisical days with our feet in the sand, trashy books in our hand and evenings filled with shrimp shells, Old Bay and inventive games of “Go Fu*k Yourself”, a delightful variation of “Go Fish.” Though just back less than 12 hours, I’m already in the midst of “Vacation Hangover”, gazing longingly and lovingly at the sand that permeates every square inch of my car, my suitcase, and my body. Instead of waves lapping gently at the shore, feet burning on the hot afternoon sand, I’ve got an inbox that will need attending to, messages that will need returning, a house that is not only crying out for a good cleaning but is practically weeping in neglect. Face it, my friends, I’ve got the Post-Vacation Blues.

I suppose I could sit here in my melancholy (but Oh-So “Golden Brown”, Lori-style, state) and mourn the loss of tomato sandwiches and Beatty’s Chicken Salad, or I could recap some statistics:

The Cost of Debauchery
22 Cases of Beer: $300
10 Bottles of Sunscreen: $50
3 Bottles of Off Skintastic: $10
9 Rounds of Mini-Golf: $45
Pictures of Beatty in Drag circulating the Internet: Priceless

4 thoughts on “Vaca-gover

  1. Looks like you had a good time. I have the Post Summer Blues, and it happens almost every year on Labour day till about mid September. I sit on the porch at night and watch the sunset at 8:00pm instead of 9:30pm and I think back to the fun nights, the drinking, the suntanning and the laughs. Then I get really sad when I realize that soon, 2 months as a matter of fact, the snow will start to fall and the mall parking lots will be filled with mean Christmas shoppers! Welcome back Baby! Glad you had fun, seems as though you needed it!

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