Tis’ Better to Give…To Me, at Least

It’s that time again, my friends.

Time to quit your dalliances, time to shut down your instant message windows, time to get serious.

It’s crunch time.

Christmas is right around the corner, and what kind of holiday would it be if I didn’t put up my annual wish list? This year, I’m taking it a step further, with great gift ideas galore for loved ones near and far. (Just click on the sundry links below!)

So without further ado, I present to you:


When the weather outside is frightful (or at least chilly), there’s nothing like a warm sweater to keep you toasty. (I prefer the blue one, in case you’re interested.)

Our limbs can get pretty stiff when the temperatures drop. I combat this with a healthy dose of yoga & pilates, and how CUTE would I be sportin’ this to my next class? I know. Adorable.

Now, Christmas isn’t all about me. It’s about me AND my pets. Poor George has been splishing & splashing in his bowl long enough – why not spice it up for the little guy?

I’m just a travelin’ fool – I figured out that I spent more weekends AWAY from home than I did AT home. Be it in the car or on a plane, travel garb is always a great gift. (Oh, and I really DO need a carry-on that doesn’t turn my hands red.)

It’s not truly Christmas until you attend a Christmas (or Holiday – see? I’m PC) party. Getting all dolled up, enjoying the revelry & good times with friends, and standing under the mistletoe – well, that just does it for moi.

Bump on a log, I’m not, but I do love me some OC and Alias. With my ever-so-hectic schedule, I hate to miss these shows. What’s a girl to do? Ask for Tivo for Christmas!

A nice-smelling house can make up for a bad hair day, a bad work day, a bad “I hate my boyfriend because he thought DVD’s were a romantic gift” day. Us girls need to pamper ourselves with candles, bubble baths, and a glass of wine every now and again to calm those frazzled nerves. (And while you’re at it, a makeup bag chock full o’ goodies never hurts…)

Though the list could go on and on (and never fear – I’m sure I’ll ad some new items below!), any of these should provide me with visions of sugarplums.

Or at least a good night’s sleep.

PS: And never fear – I’ll definitely write y’all a thank-you note. On my (hope-to-receive) new stationery! (in ivory card stock, navy border w/typestyle 3L. I’m not particular, or anything…)

2 thoughts on “Tis’ Better to Give…To Me, at Least

  1. Oopsie..link no work. Anyway, you really realize the tivo benefit when you finally hear about how good Alias is right before the third season starts. At that point, you just start saving all the new episodes while you catch up on the first two seasons as they come out on DVD. Tivo is my evil mistress.

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