Oh, my friends, there is little joy like the joy that a three day week brings.

Work, shmirk. That’s what I say.

The pace is relaxed, the assignments somewhat minimal.

People (note that I say “People” instead of “I”, since “I” would never be anything but a trusted & dedicated employee) window-shop the web for Holiday presents, plan mid-week get-togethers (hangovers on Wednesday? Who cares! It’s a half day anyway!) and IM each other to share the results of aforementioned web-window shopping & party planning.

Fun, fun, fun in the quasi-wintertime, it is.

The fast-approaching holidays are an exciting time, filled with the hustle & bustle of the season. Even though my hustle AND bustle are just me running around late for one appointment or another, I at least hustle MY bustle with a spring in my (winter knee-high boots clad) step. I’ve rediscovered the joy of my Burberry scarf – how I love you so. My new camel pea-coat, with the brown, lovely, requisite buttons, inspires joy in me even when the cats miss the litterbox (again. It’s becoming somewhat of an unwelcome habit.) And my closet! Oh! It overfloweth with wool, cashmere, and warmth.

I may even put on my SUPERWARM down comforter.

We built (ahem, I built) our first fire last night, and the crackle of the (fake) logs made my at-home pilates video all-the-more exhilerating. (Ok, it’s a gas fireplace. But I opened the floo AND turned on the gas…so there.) For the first time since I’ve lived in Atlanta (3 1/2 years), I’m not alone this year for the holidays.

There’s someone other than me (ok, let’s be fair – there’s someone, since I don’t cook) whipping up dinner treats every night. There’s someone to tell me what is going on during “Identity” when I’m hiding my head in the pillow, refusing to watch. There’s someone to make fun of me the next morning when I trudge down in my light-blue robe, hair awry, sleepy-eyed and a bit over-hung from the night prior. It’s nice to not be alone in my house this holiday.

I can barely wait until I can put up my Christmas decorations. If you thought I went a bit overboard with Halloween – honey, you’ve got another thing coming. Garland, glitter, glitz & glamour – my house has a bit of it all. (My poor, sweet roommate – the house is going from Pottery Barn to Sugarplum Candyland Sparkletastic. I apologize in advance – I’m a girl.) I can’t WAIT to get my Christmas tree, 8-feet of pine-scented euphoria. I can’t WAIT to go shopping for friends & family, even if the results are somewhat meager due to limited finances. I can’t WAIT to go to Holiday parties, dressing up in my girly-holiday garb that you KNOW you have (at least those of you with XX chromosomes) and fun flouncy skirt that I got for a steal. I can’t WAIT to torture my kittens with Santa Hats & stockings and cheezy outfits that they’ll just eat instead of wear. And lest we forget my Post-Christmas Christmas party, the culmination of the holiday season and the last hurrah for my (probably dead, since it will be January) Christmas tree.

Oh joy. Joy indeed.

Gingerbread houses? Perhaps. Candy canes? Oh yes. And the best treats of all – Red & Green M&M’s. Oh-so festive, we are.

So although the season isn’t yet upon us, although I’m not 100% I’M NOW finished with the Annual Aubrey Christmas Wish List, and although my Thanksgiving will likely be quiet – hark, the harold angels are singing, and their tune is of a holly jolly Christmas.

Anyone know where I can get some mistletoe for cheap?

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