Calm after the post-insanity storm

Y’all are so cute…I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten about my “Insanity” post, wondering what was wrong, if I was really going off the deep end, and if you could help. Your notes alone just warmed my heart, and thankfully, things have calmed down quite a bit.

Yes, besides the still-overwhelming workload, things are fine. I have left at a semi-reasonable hour, and even took a private Pilates lesson that made every muscle in my body sore – in a good way, that is. I had a few really good meetings to counteract the really bad one I had on Monday, so I’m feeling a ton better. Oh – and it’s Friday. And payday. And fabulous “surprise the cutest boy in Atlanta for his birthday” date day, which I am anxiously looking forward to, to the extent that I’m basically showing what a dork I am by admitting that I’m counting the hours. Yes, things are looking up.

In my review yesterday, my manager (and good friend) mentioned the fact that people have recognized that I’ve been really stressed lately, which actually didn’t surprise me that much. On the whole, I take work and my workload in check, leaving when I need to, staying when I have to. There’s very little that can’t wait until tomorrow, so – for the most part – work doesn’t get me in a tizzy. So, on the rare occasions that it does, it’s noticed that my head is basically spinning around a la “Beetlejuice” style, with steam coming out of my ears and my snippy attitude wreaking havoc on the office. A stressed Aubrey is a Bitchy Aubrey, without a doubt.

But things have fallen back into the equilibrium that I like. I cleaned my house, my bathroom, and my kitchen. I undertook some baking endeavors, and I even made lists of things I needed to remember for today/this weekend so I wouldn’t find myself sans goodies, sans contact case, or sans alcohol. Yes, I’m back on track to being the Type-A gal we know and love.

And really – isn’t it much better that way?

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