I prefer to say “seasoned”

Remember those days? When bedtimes were arbitrary, when hangovers were moderate, when there was no such thing as having to “rally”? Remember when UDI (Unidentified Drinking Injuries) were always met with a laugh, not sympathy? The days when going out before 10pm was considered a social faux pas?

Aah yes. College days and the subsequent aftermath. Where have ye gone?

Instead, we head out directly after work because we know if we sit on our couch, we’ll lose all motivation to do anything but just that. Instead of winking, our facial action of late has become yawning, a clear indication to everyone around that we do, in fact, now have a bedtime, and we’re surpassing it. What has happened to the girls & guys of yesteryear, raving and raging into the wee hours of the morn, catching only a few winks – even on a proverbial “school night”? Could it be true? Have we hit that age?

Have we become old?





3 thoughts on “I prefer to say “seasoned”

  1. The turning point for me was the recovery time involved. It finally didn’t seem worth a weekend bender to feel puny until Wednesday. Especially when childen still got up at the crack of dawn. Of course, I was 40 by the time I figured that out…..

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