Grand Gesture

I call it a “Bold Move.”

Others have named it a “Grand Gesture.”

Whatever its moniker, I suspect most girls have this concept in their head about the seemingly life-changing event that leads to the happy ending. It’s the Lloyd Dobler of romanticism, the latter days “In Your Eyes”, Boombox-Over-the-Head pledge of unabashed adoration. In short, it’s what we’re waiting for.

Though Lloyd Dobler has set the bar, can anyone rise to meet it? Or has pop culture yet again caused us girls to have unrealistic expectations, leading to sure disillusionment?

I may be going out on a limb, but I don’t think the concept is that faulty. Granted, years have passed since women actively had dance cards, were wooed by flowers and candy, or had “gentleman callers.” Whether you approve of it or not, today’s woman has been known to call a man she is interested in, has asked someone on a date (and paid!), and has probably even initiated intimacy. No longer the passive wallflowers of days gone by, today’s woman is confident in herself and empowered. But, in the process of enlightenment, have we made romance antiquated?

I, for one, certainly hope not. And while we can’t honestly expect Peter Gabriel crooning out of a tape deck while our suitor stands in the rain, it shouldn’t be too much to ask, to quote the song, to “try a little tenderness.” Guys – I promise, you can handle it.

True, I’m a romantic, and at times have even admitted to wearing my heart on my sleeve. And while I’ve done all of the events listed above, I still can’t help myself but long for the day when a love letter arrives in my mailbox, a gift of flowers are delivered “just because” or, when faced with a turning point in a relationship, I’m the recipient of a bold move.

Because sometimes, all it takes is a few words to make a grand gesture.

3 thoughts on “Grand Gesture

  1. you not only are a genius writer but u are a genius thinker! what u put into words are similar to my jumbled up complex thoughts. i have the highest respect for u. and i wish i could say what i thought like u, but i wish more that i could actually tell people what went through my connfused lil mind. brilliance is what your middle name should be, if it is not already.

  2. Have previous letters and flowers outlived their usefulness?
    Not that they could or should ever substitute for a lifetime otherwise without.
    We shouldn’t forget that even Lloyd had to work into his “bold move”. “Friends with potential” wasn’t very bold after all. But eventually, he got there. And the rest is the stuff of legend.
    You’ll get your Mr. Dobler some day. While it may not be in the year 2-7, it’s doubtful you’ll be waiting until the big 7-2. For the moment, your tragic flaw is working against you.

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