Ask & You Shall Receive

… never ever ever give up hope that the universe is listening to you.

Sometimes it will give you what you want when you ask for it, right away. Sometimes you need to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich before you get what you want.

But it’s always listening.

I’ve heard this theory before, been told it by various Moms or psychologist friends or just wise people that have come & gone in my life. You read it in those self-help books (or at least people that read self-help books do) that visualization & positive affirmations & even just being discrete about what it is you want results in you actually getting it.

I’ve tried this before – someone once asked me to make a list of what I wanted to find in a boyfriend. Though I found it initially amusing, I figured that it couldn’t hurt. At the time, I thought I was being pretty particular, down to the qualities he should have (open-minded, great sense of humor, appreciate my writing, to name just a few) and, surprisingly to me, it was just a few weeks later when I seemingly got what I wanted. It was only months later, looking back after the daily two-hour phone calls and half-assed birthday gifts and eventual dropping-off-the-face-of-the-earth cowardice that I re-read my list, and realized that never once did I mention “lives in Atlanta.” It was time to revise the list.

Again, I concentrated on specifics. Many times I’ve said that I know more of what I’m NOT looking for than what I am, so I made sure to include both. I do NOT want a perfectionist. I do NOT want someone who is threatened by my successes. I do NOT want a gym-obsessed, narcissistic, tight-wad over-analyzing bore. Oh, and I DO want someone who lives in Atlanta. So I threw the proverbial caution to the wind and made myself a revised list. And again, I was surprised when I seemingly found it, only after months and some disappointment later I realized I, in fact, was NOT discrete enough; I should have said I wanted someone who lives in Atlanta currently, and someone who doesn’t have any plans of leaving. (Or at least leaving without me.)

I was both disenchanted and amazed by the immediacy, the particularity, of the response from these “wish lists” that truly began as an exercise in amusement. Who knew that actually voicing your desires could actually result in their culmination? Still, though I’ve always been open to the metaphysical and “not-so-black-and-white” side of the world, it seems too easy. So all it takes is to actually ASK for what you want, and perhaps you’ll get it?

Looks like this worked for HelenJane, someone who deserves it more than anyone. Maybe it’s time for another few revisions…you think it’s too late to add “Kerry wins in Ohio” to the list?

One thought on “Ask & You Shall Receive

  1. Wow!
    The thing I found, after making innumerable boyfriend quality lists, was that some of the qualities I THOUGHT were deal breakers, like:
    “Must not own his own pool cue”
    flew out the window when I met James.
    (Who incidentally DOES own his own pool cue)
    It’s interesting to see that the big guy in the sky/universe/providence will teach you something in the process that way.
    Happy wishlist making! It really works!

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