One of those days

It’s a rare occasion, at least for me, to wake up before the alarm starts blaring. I’m usually lackadaisically enjoying the last few minutes of slumber, most likely engaged in some ridiculous "morning dream", the ones that make absolutely no sense yet are amusing in their own right. I love sleeping, and not only because I’m a high-thread-count sheet whore or need a new duvet cover fix once every few months. Sleeping is a luxury I don’t often get to sample nearly enough.

Still, there’s something about bounding out of bed, in a good mood, ready to start your day. Not sure to what to attribute the proverbial spring in my step; I went to bed at the normal "hour-late" hour, had to work late and thus missed karate, and besides a truly delightful conversation with a truly delightful young man last night, it was pretty status quo for me. And yet here I am, the sun is shining, and so is my mood.

Every now and again, you just feel like a million bucks. I wouldn’t go that far just yet, but I’d say a couple hundred thou, perhaps. It’s one of those days when your hair does what it’s supposed to (a daily struggle as of late since my coif is a bit persnickety most days), when your makeup looks professionally applied (instead of  the actual "in-your-robe-under-the-covers-because-you-slept-with-the-window-open-last-night" application), when your adorable skirt that you just bought a few weeks ago is loose (!!), a lovely gift on any day. Yes, it’s those type of days when you find yourself strutting down the hall, saying ‘hello’ even to those coworkers that annoy you most, sashaying in your fabulous fur coat that just screams "style." Yep, today is one of those days, and they’re not to be wasted.

Who wants to take me to lunch?

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