Little Ditties

When a relationship ends, you inherently end up in a time of transition. Besides relegating all the ‘happy time’ pictures of you two to the back of a drawer (regardless of the circumstances, I refuse to throw them away – you never know when you need them as a reference to your ‘asshole ex’ or something equally bitter) and forcing yourself towards new trains of thought (i.e, no longer is he the person you call when something big or exciting happens), there are other, less obvious changes. Of course, yes, your bed may be empty where it once was occupied & your cell phone bills decrease, but I’m talking about those latent transitions that happen weeks or months later that make you wonder, ‘hmm, how do I handle THIS situation?’

Such is the case with evening attire, and no, I’m not talking about formal gowns. More of the "Vicki’s Secret", "On Gossamer", and "Cosabella" variety. Since my ‘transition time’ is somewhat recent, this dilemma plagues me as of late, as new opportunities are arising (cheeky pun somewhat intended.) Let’s be blunt – what does one do about lingerie purchased for, or by, an ex when the tables have turned and a new romance enters your life? Unlike jewelry, is lingerie a one-time, one-guy, one-situation deal, or is it one-for-all, all-for-one?

Now, of course we’re not talking of anything too tawdry; more of the nightgown(ish) variety. I just find it somewhat wasteful to let those beautiful, lacy delicacies go unworn in my lingerie drawer when they could be enjoyed (and certainly highly appreciated) by someone new. Yes, there are a few that may have more of a memory attached to them, but for the most part, I’ve always been a fan of slinky little bedtime numbers (within reason, of course), mostly because of my predilection for sleeping with a down comforter year-round. And, as you may know, down comforters are HOT, and wearing as little as possible is only prudent, temperature-wise. But is it poor form to ‘recycle’ your evening attire?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

4 thoughts on “Little Ditties

  1. i’m not sure either. i think it’s ok, as long as it’s not TOO obviously-purchased for a romp with someone else. nightgown-types are fine. or you can just pretend either a) you bought them for him, or b) you have them anyway, not for a specific man. would love to see other opinions

  2. this is a great question – i too have wondered this. i have not worn the ditties my ex gave me now that i’m in a new relationship. and now, even if i decide it’s fine, it’s a little too late because my new man would have to wonder, “why does she all of a sudden have all this new lingerie?”
    so i say, if you’re going to wear it, wear it from the beginning. certainly no harm in that.

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