Must Go, Must Mistletoe

I know, I know…it’s been a while. Things have been busy busy busy here, what with dog-sitting, cute Moms in town, meals on the go, shopping, donning my inner Martha Stewart when decorating my house (it’s definitely well-adorned these days), cleaning, dating, soiree-ing, and – the most exciting for little ol’ nerdy me – trying to figure out how to use my fabulous new iBook.
Oh yes, it’s a brave new world here in Aubrey-land, trying to discern how to take a screenshot that saves in a format that I can upload. (You’d think it would be easy, and while it probably is, I’m still on page 50-something of “Switching to the Mac – the Missing Manual”. (Mac tips, anyone?)

But I digress – the Holidays are upon us, and my three trees (yes, 3 – like I said, WELL-adorned!), my wrapped presents, and my small, twinkling lights have me in a festive mood. Much to my father’s dismay, I’ve still not yet completed my Wish List (it’s coming! It really is!), I’m still in mid-kickboxing training, and while I have more ‘party’ food than one would know what to do with, It still seems like there’s nothing in the house to eat. (Lunch outing, anyone?)

The days & weeks ahead are getting fuller by the minute, and trust me, I can’t wait. I LOVE seeing my little calendar (iCal, as of late) get filled with parties, soirees, and even out-of-town client appreciation dinners. (And we wonder why so many diets start in January – you literally eat your way through December!) I’ve officially toured my ‘party dress closet’ (yes, I actually have one of those) to figure out what the various options are for the fetes forthcoming. There’s nothing better than getting all dolled up, donning your dressy duds, and hitting the town. (Holiday party, anyone?)

Because, really…the Holidays are all about good food, good fun, and good friends. Must go – must go hang the mistletoe.

One thought on “Must Go, Must Mistletoe

  1. See that you figured our exposé (F11). Great feature along with F9. I see you have typepad but might i suggest Rapidweaver (great).
    1.Tabbed Browsing in Safari
    4. Norton Firewall & Anti-virus. (See you ahave limewire so get it for free, then protect yourself from the RIAA)
    5.Poisoned (runs on kazza network)
    More to come…

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