Oh Aubrey, Where Art Thou?

Ok, so I haven’t written. Is this because:

a) I have nothing to say worth writing?
b) I’m boycotting the internet?
c) I’m swimming in busy-ness where I don’t even have time to write?
d) I wrote something fabulous, but the site encountered a ‘problem’ and lost it all?
e) C & D

You’re right, the answer is "E". First, my type-A ness has prevented me from just listing my Christmas wish list until it’s written up in prose-like fabulousness. I had this whole darling little tongue-in-cheek wishlist written up that made me look semi-humble even as I selfishly asked for the following things, and alack & alas, it vanished. So I’ve left my pride at the door (complete with mistletoe, of course!), and present to you what I salvaged from the  never-posted yet written post entitled: My Favorite Things: A Not-100% Complete Wishlist by Yours Truly

Screw raindrops on roses, and while whiskers on kittens are fabulous,
neither are topping my wish list this year. Instead, I’m all about some
glitter, some gadgets, and some gorgeous gifts sure to delight even the
pickiest shopper amongst us (read: me.) So, without further ado, I
present you with

Aubs’ Annual Christmas List

This sweater. (In ivy)
This sweater too. (In heather blush)
Or maybe even this sweater.
These would be fun-ctional (in blue).
If it gets cold (or when I get lazy), these would work.
My tootsies would thank you for these.
And this? Totally would make my iPod (or iBook) super duper.
A little black dress goes a long way.
(As does a little blue box.)
I’m currently digging this.
Though I’ve been known to call a plumber, this would help for future endeavors.
Feeling saucy? What about these (in pink, of course)?
This would help me be the hostest with the mostest
You know, I DO travel a lot (though when I’m home, I should pack my lunch more often.)
And no matter how your day is going, you need to have a sense of humor.
I’m turning into an oenophile, but this would help.
Amazon & Froogle have gotten a few of my suggestions.
These – holiday or otherwise – would just make my day.
But remember – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. (Though garnet can come a close second.)

Not nearly as witty, but much more verbose. 

So peruse (read: Shop!) away, and I’ll be back in a day or two to monitor your progress  talk about fabulous North Carolina trips, Holiday parties, Thanksgiving  party insanity, reconnecting with friends far & near, teaching my first kickboxing class, testing for my Gold belt, and darling boys that unknowingly win huge points for calling me on my work phone when I’m at work. I mean, really…who would have thought it would be that easy?

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