“And Guest” Free

It’s never more evident than during the holidays that we are growing up.  Christmas cards formerly addressed to one person are now sent to "Mr. and Mrs. ", remembering your friend’s live-in boyfriend (or fiancee’s) name is always a stretch, especially if they live out of state, and even the "regrets" for your annual holiday party all share a common theme: In-laws.

Yes, my friends, we’re THAT age. Husbands, wives, and babies have been very popular additions in 2004, and while with them comes much joy and excitement, it also causes a twinge of melancholy in us singletons. Because it’s never more evident than in an Evite that THEY have moved on, but apparently, YOU haven’t.

Which isn’t always bad…I’m in no rush down the alter. And yet the Holidays are one time during the year that I like things to remain the same. I anticipate the Christmas decorations that my Mom so festively adorns the house with, I know what I’ll be doing (and eating!) on Christmas Eve, and that familiarity brings comfort even in the midst of the turbulation that is my life. So it’s no wonder that my excitement to add others to our little ‘family of friends’ also makes me feel a bit like a kid who wasn’t invited to the hottest party of the year – in-law & bambino-free, am I missing the proverbial love boat?

"Your time will come," my friend said. Another friend, in email today, said "Enjoy being single" right after she asked if I had a man, or men!, in my life. (A question I get quite regularly these days.)  And, honey, trust me, I AM enjoying it. And yet despite knowing better, despite enjoying being me exactly where and who I am today, I still can’t help but wish that this year, *I* had someone to introduce to  my friends at the party, wishing that I had a somewhat permanent "and guest."

Silly, I know, but true.

2 thoughts on ““And Guest” Free

  1. Single-dom is fine any other time of the year, something to be celebrate even, but it doesn’t seem to fir with this time of year. There’s a “traditional-ness” to the holidays that almost mandates having a *special someone*. Yes, it’s a time of family and friends and closeness, and while family and friends are great, there’s certain closeness that can only be shared with a partner; someone with whom you share an intimate connection. Spring is about freshness, rebirth, a renewal of one’s self. Summer is excitement, adventure, fun. Fall is a time of reflection, a slowing of the summer energy and a gradual easing into the winter. Winter, with it’s cold (or cold’er’ temps for those of us in the South) is a time of warmth, tradtion, comfort, familiarity. A partner just *fits* with this time of year.
    So is it silly to wish that? By no means! Revel in your single-ness, rejoice in your independence; you’ve earned that.
    But if it makes you feel any better, I’ll be alone this holiday season as well. Hell, I can’t even get home to see the family…

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