This website, like my life, isn’t always linear. True, [some of] you read it day after day, and it seems to make sense; one day I’m bitching about some boy, the next, elated over the new one. Throw in a dash of wanna-be freelancing angst, some random observations, and yes, I suppose you could say it’s pretty linear.

Except that it’s not. Some of the posts (this one, in fact) are actually written long ago and just thrown in there when I feel I’m ready to ‘say’ those things or be honest enough to admit to feeling them. Sometimes, things get me so riled up or upset or are just too recent and raw to post; that doesn’t mean I don’t write about them, however. I just write, then wait, then post. When I’m ready.

It’s interesting – I kind of figured that I was somewhat unique in this practice, but apparently not. From the astute words of Sarah Hatter on her pseudo ‘About Me’ page:

DISCLAIMER: Not everything she writes on this site happens as she’s writing it. Some things she writes and sets away for some time and then publishes well after certain feelings have quelled. She does this because sometimes she has an emotional attachment to her words, and it’s easier to wait for that to desist before releasing them to the interweb and the thousands of moping teenagers who come here to validate their angst. But other words that don’t mean as much she publishes right away and rarely feels any attachment to them at all. Only one person has ever been confused by this lack of continuity, and he asked that Sarah clarify her writing patterns. She did, because she likes him a lot. Not likes him, likes him, but likes him nevertheless.

A website (or blog, as it may be) is unique in that your publishing is usually linear, or is at least expected to be, inherent of its very nature. Yet other forms of writing (books or even magazine articles) come with it an expectation of lengthy editing, and there’s a veil of secrecy on how the end result came to be. (Did you write the ending first? Did you do it in small snippets? Shh, we’ll never tell!) And yet with a blog, because it’s often a chronicle of one’s happenings or daily thoughts, is often perceived as a journal, and readers have been known to get confused and even perturbed when it doesn’t follow their logical sequencing. To that, I apologize, but I’ve learned through the years to hold my tongue in anger – though it’s not always best to hold the [electronic or otherwise] pen since those jottings often provide a window to your true feelings.

All I can say is thank God for the ‘draft’ feature on this site.