This year.

Well, it’s here. 2005. I didn’t do a ‘Best of 2004’ list like I had planned (read: loosely considered) because, basically, I wasn’t feeling creative or introspective enough to list the things that were great (cute boys, super weddings, tons of laughs) and things that sucked more than a Dyson (jackass boys, to name a few.)

I had also thought about talking about the best music of 2004, and though I’m U2’s biggest supporter these days (if you don’t have “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”, RUN to the store RIGHT NOW and get it. I’ll wait.) and Damien Rice still makes me swoon, figured that was overdone and wasn’t in the mood.

Then, I could have talked about resolutions, but those aren’t yet resolved. I know there’s a few things I’d like to do in 2005 (besides making out with Michael Vartan, which again tops the list) but figured I’d keep those to myself for at least a while (or until I’ve accomplished a few of them, at which time I’ll of course brag.)

So, in the meantime, welcome 2005. I’ve got great hopes for you. Don’t let me down.