At Least There’s the Vicodin

I studied genetics, and within this science the evolutionary benefit of the opposable thumb is often emphasized. And yet, as the evolved beings in reference, we take it for granted. That is, until we lose the use of this brilliant appendage.

I had a little ‘skiing snafu’, if by ‘snafu’ I mean ‘huge, big, snowballing crash in an ungraceful way of dangerous disastrousness.’ Because really, that’s what happened. The aftermath included a lost ski or two, some misplaced poles, and a brief assessment to try and figure out just what was hurt. The later self-diagnosis included a sore bum and a thumb that was pointing the wrong way. That is, until I put it back in place.

Some call me ‘accident-prone.’ I prefer ‘bravely injury un-averse.’ Regardless, this was a non-drinking-related, pretty messy spill that has resulted in a new fondness for Vicodin and a nearly-immobile right hand. Yes, that was my RIGHT hand, and yes, I’m RIGHT-HANDED. Which poses a problem.

I had planned to write about all the trials and tribulations of being one-handed, but found this article instead, and really, my hand hurts. Just know that I’m in the same boat as this lad, and am really, really desolate that I’m not in Sydney like I planned. Sucks, right?

*Sigh* So read away, think healing thoughts to my black & green thumb and potentially injured tendons & ligaments, and leave me a comment (they work again – yay!) And repeat my mantra: at least there’s the Vicodin.