For many of us in the Blogosphere (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence and used that terminology, but alas, I did) Comment Spam is a huge issue. The brilliant Jay Allen and his work on MT Blacklist is just one of many methods to stop this annoyance. As for me, I installed a plug-in that blocks comments from Open Proxies, but I’m thinking it’s also blocking real, desired comments as well as the annoying comment spam ones, leaving me comment-free. But I don’t know – since I’ve switched to MT, my site traffic has gone way down (Google hasn’t fully indexed me yet) and perhaps y’all just don’t have anything to say. It’s definitely possible.

So in an effort to figure this out, will you be so kind to try and leave a comment? If it works, awesome. Yay. Hurrah. If it doesn’t, drop me an email and let me know.

Thanks in advance…I’ll try and not be so needy in the future.