For Sale

I’ve never been one for laziness…even as hungover as I’ve been on a Sunday, swearing off all alcohol with a throbbing head, I am probably writing something or at least getting ready to do something. Wasting time, even when feeling my worst, just doesn’t fly for this girl. As a result, I’m often overcommitting, leaving me with two days to do a week’s worth of work. “Under Pressure” is my equivalent of status quo.

I’m currently in ‘Under Pressure Overdrive.’

Recently, I started house hunting, a process that usually takes me weeks, if not months. I had barely started to think about selling MY house…after all, I was just looking. Well, on our first trip, I found a house – THE house.


Which means I’m now selling mine.

I’ve got a fabulous realtor who will surely promote the hell out of my townhouse (after all, it’s cute as pie), but I want to sell it fast. Like NOW. So I’m again asking for your help, Internet. I’ve got myself a little website detailing the house, and if this house gets under contract in 30 days, I’m offering a GENEROUS incentive.

So, Internet, send some house-buyers my way…I’m waiting.