I’m a Believer

I’ve always believed that God only gives you what you can handle in your life. Granted, it may be more than you think you can handle at any given time, but I “trust the system” (if you will) since it’s always been true in the past.

Apparently, God thinks I can handle a lot.

I’m in the middle of work craziness, new house craziness, and getting my current house ready to sell craziness. In less than a week, I have to have:

– all my work done (not a small feat)
– my house not only clean, but cleaned out (another huge feat)
– myself all packed to leave for Australia
– my errands all done such that the cats can all eat while I’m gone

…amongst about a bazillion other things that I think of during the day but can’t exactly jot down because, well, I can’t really jot. (Remember, the above have to be done one-handed these days.) Needless to say, I really should be taking a yoga class, but don’t have the time…or hand. And still, I’ve taken on a new challenge.

The other evening, while driving home from my friends’ house, I nearly hit a cat sitting in the middle of the road. He was just sitting there, stoic, somewhat disoriented. In an attempt to have him get out of the middle of the street, I honked my horn and flashed my lights – he didn’t flinch. So, I got out of my car, picked him up and put him on the curb, hopefully away from traffic. He started to walk back out into the street, but I again returned him to the curb, hoping he’d stay, and drove off.

The entire way home I felt awful, thinking about this disoriented animal. It was clearly a stray who had been in the wild for a long time, and was bone thin. I decided then to grab a towel and go back and see if he was still there. He was. I scooped him up, figuring I could keep him in the garage for the night – if nothing else, he could have a safe, warm(ish) place to stay with food and water.

It was only when I arrived home that I saw the state of the cat – he is missing his left eye, his long gray hair is matted and scraggly, and he is skin and bones. His tongue sticks out, and he may be somewhat deaf. Seeing an animal in this state breaks my heart.

Thankfully, he ate and drank, though doing so is clearly difficult for him. So last evening, I took him to Pets are People Too, this great veterinary clinic in Ansley Mall, to get him checked out. I didn’t want to think that he may have to be put to sleep; I don’t think I can handle that.

The cat, now nicknamed “Jack” (short for “One Eyed Jack”), is a trooper, not even crying when undergoing tests and bloodwork. (Though I can’t say I was that brave, since I bawled for quite a while.) In fact, I sat there in the exam room for over an hour, just petting his head and bony little back, amazed that this 6 pound creature was even still alive. Though I can’t keep him, I wanted to make sure he was ok.

Amazingly enough, he is. Jack is free of Feline Leukemia and FIV, the cat equivalent of HIV. His bloodwork returned good results, with his kidney function just a bit strained, though that was likely a result of how dehydrated he has been. It seems as though Jack was hit by a car over a year ago, making eating and drinking extremely difficult for him, especially in the woods beside Freedom Parkway. And though an older cat who has definitely had a hard life, Jack has such a sweet demeanor and I just want to see him get better.

I can’t keep Jack, though I wish I could, but I also can’t turn him over to an organization that would surely euthanize him to save space in an already-overcrosded shelter. I’ve started calling around to No-Kill Organizations around town to hopefully take him in, but he needs someone who can spend time and care for him, especially in the near future. Jack needs at least a loving foster home, and I’m committed to finding him this, despite the lofty odds. Because, after all, Jack seems to be a trooper, and has clearly beaten the odds again and again…I think he deserves a chance to live out his remaining years in a safe, loving home.

So, apparently I can handle buying a house, selling a house and finding a cat a home at the same time. Let me know if you can help me with any of these…not only do I think it will all work out in the end, I’m a believer.

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