Expectantly Disappointed

Sarah, as usual, sums it up so succinctly – “this day SUCKS ass.”


Not only because it’s grey outside (which it is) or rainy (that too) or by the fact that I’m honestly so exhausted from a weekend full of getting my house ready to sell, but because it’s living up to my expectations. My LOW expectations.

I’m not bitter, I’m expectantly disappointed.

That’s not to say my flowers weren’t (and aren’t!) gorgeous. They truly are, and they brightened my weekend a ton. I’m thinking more about this Valentine’s Day and ones in years past…what I did, what I didn’t do, and what I wished I had done. Again, to quote Sarah, “I love love.” And this year, I’m just not feeling it.

I seem to have the uncanny ability to date these people who are half into it, half into me. They may start off strong, wooing and wowing me with their charm, their wit, their very innate difference from a previous beau, but despite their initial romancing, it tends to wane. I don’t need bouquets, don’t need candy or jewelry. But what I DO need is for you to let me know you’re still into this, or else I’m going to assume otherwise.

And letting me know on Valentine’s Day, well, I think that’s a good a time as any.

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