Arrivals and Departures

There’s many indications of single-dom in society, and I’m not just talking about my dinner of ice cream and red wine alone on Valentine’s Day. I’m referring to the more subtle signs, the things that occur to you as a single person going through your daily routines. It’s cooking for one. It’s not having anyone to help you move, or at least nobody that is helping you because he knows he’ll get a NICE reward afterwards. It’s the “and guest?” syndrome where, knowing that you have weddings right around the corner, you again relegate yourself to be sharing a room with another one of your single girlfriends, ducking the bouquet, and standing by yourself in the corner when “all the couples who are in love” go out for their dance. I’m not broaching this to invite you to my own personal pity party, just was realizing it when I was at the airport last evening.

At the Atlanta airport, the arriving passengers go up an escalator and arrive on a landing full of waiting friends and family, often complete with signs, balloons or bouquets. Men and women, anxious to see their loved ones, tackle the maze of parking in order to show their loved one that they care. And I, arriving home to my animals, a lot of dust bunnies and a snoring roommate, walk by them all with a feeling of longing, wondering when someone will be waiting for me.

Pre 9-11, I went to the airport once to drop off and once to pick up my then boyfriend, waiting for him at the gate, excited about our reunion after he’d been away for a month and a half. It was only natural that I would drop him off and pick him up – I didn’t want to wait to see him when he returned. (Perhaps I should have reconsidered, since he dumped me a week later, but that’s another story for another time.) Anyway, these days, the last person I see when I leave is the cab driver and the first person I see when I arrive is someone else’s boyfriend, husband, son, daughter or wife.

And doing this last night, I came to the realization that this might be a new criteria in my love life, since I’ve dated people since Mr. European Dumpee five years ago, and only ONE of them has ever driven me to the airport. The rest? I’ve taken cabs. I’ve gotten friends to pick me up. I’ve even had a car service. But a boyfriend? Apparently seeing me as soon as I arrive or bidding me farewell in person just hasn’t been that important to them. Which makes me realize, perhaps they shouldn’t have been that important to me.

Just like the road to the airport, love is a two-way street, and I’m tired of spending it in a car by myself.

5 thoughts on “Arrivals and Departures

  1. I travel a LOT for business, from Canada into the US and of course, back home to Canada again. Only once has a (now ex) boyfriend met me at the airport. Arriving at Toronto, Terminal 3 is the worst. After you clear Customs and gather your bags, you head out through the doors directly onto a 3 foot high platform, which is really more like a big stage where it seems there is never less that 100 people waiting with all the flowers, balloons, and welcome home signs for others. Every time I get my flight info for another trip, I think to myself, please don’t let me fly American Airlines, I can’t bear to be put out on that platform without a loved one waiting to embrace me when I return home.
    Well, I’m off to Chicago on Sunday…flying on American, and I too, wonder when someone will be waiting for me again.

  2. The Savannah airport is the same, you walk down the walkway to be greeted by awaiting persons in the courtyard. Only, whenever I arrive home from a trip, there’s no one waiting either.
    Independence is all fine and well, but having someone who will pick us up and drop us off, or someone who we’re willing to doing the same for, would be nice.
    Of course, my company is located in the airport, so I’m always available. 😉

  3. Where you headed? I hope that you soon find someone special that will be waiting for you at the airport, in the kitchen when you come home from a long days work and in the grocery store when you run in to pick a few things. Everyone deserves someone special. Especially people as kind as you.

  4. I inevitably choose the Park and Fly. As I arrive back at my hometown airport, I see all of the similar things you described, and then I must cart my bags and wait for the bus to take me back to the faraway parking lot where I left my car for several days.

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