No Distractive IM-pediments

For the first time in months, I’ve just finished reading some of my favorite sites. I read Sarah. And Sarah. And HelenJane. And Dooce. And Josh. Just to name a few, because that’s all the time I had and that’s just HOW far behind I’ve been. Um, way behind.

Everyone always tells me how busy I am, and I only partially agree. I don’t think I do well being bored, not having a lot (or, as often is the case, too much) to do. Yesterday, in my afternoon “vacation” time (I’m working 5:30am – 1:30pm to coincide with the US hours) I wrote four (count ’em, FOUR!) of my freelancing articles. Boo-YA, Editor of mine. Today, I worked 13 hours, since I headed into the office this morning with Mindy, and she’s still on a call, and I’m still here. And yet, though I’ve got books next to me, here I am, still on the computer, still half-chugging away. I just gave myself a little break to catch up with some old blog friends via their posts.

I don’t really remember the time when I wasn’t busy. Not just in work, but in life too. When I had that job oh-so long ago which was oh-so boring and I had oh-so little to do (hi long breakfasts! hi three-hour lunch shopping sessions!) I still found a way to keep myself entertained, and a lot of it involved various blogs, especially the ones listed above. But now, two years into this great, not-boring, never-unbusy job with a great, fun freelancing job and a great, fun group of friends and in the midst of a great, fun vacation (can you say wineries! 20+ bottles? My soon-to-own wine fridge – already INSTALLED in my new counter – is soon-to-be full. Yum!) I was able to catch up. And that, my friends, is a great side effect of vacations, especially ones where most of your day doesn’t coincide with distractions or even anything taking you away from work.

Who knew you could be so productive when your IM is off!?!?!

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