Expectant Delivery



Hello. My name is Lila. I’m just 5 weeks old, and already the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to join “Le Menagerie Sabala”, a lovely house with three unruly cats, one poker-obsessed uncle and a very, very excited Mom, Aubrey.

My Mom needs your help – while I have a fantastic first name (fitting, right?) I’m still without a middle name. And as any self-respecting lady knows, I can’t very well enter society without a middle name. My Mom says you can help – send her middle name suggestions or leave them in a comment, because I’m coming home in less than a week and need to have a great name by then.

Thanks everyone – can’t wait to meet you.

11 thoughts on “Expectant Delivery

  1. aubrey, she’s beautiful! i got a new family member (boston terrier puppy) last fall and am absolutely in love with him. oscar. 🙂 seriously in love.
    lila mae?
    lila roo?

  2. Let’s see, there is always the true southern middle names which would give you
    ~Lila Sue
    ~Lila Mae
    ~Lila Elizabeth
    ~Lila Kate (or Lila Caitlyn if you’re a wannabe southern transplant circa 1990-1995)
    ~Lile Marie
    ~Lila Schulyer (or Lila Sky for short).
    Or you could turn to the music world and come up with
    ~Lila Cher (or go Cajun, and make it Lila Cherie, or lean towards pop culture and make it Lila Cherry).
    Additionally, you can draw inspiration from the theater and movie classics to get
    ~Lila Faye
    ~or Lila Raye (after the actress from King Kong)
    ~Lila Minelli (for every lawsuit you can counter with Arthur or Cabaret)
    ~Lila Vartan (’cause who wouldn’t want to be named after him)
    ~Lila Ryan (or Rian, or Rianne, or however you want to feminize it, named after Jake Ryan who is every teenage fantasy come true onscreen).
    Or, ultimately, it could be
    Miss Lila, Princess of All Sabalaland, daughter of Queen Aubrey, Empress of All.

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