Missing you.

So yes, I’m back. I’m still in the throws of jet lag, which somewhat surprises me since I had little-to-no problems with it once I got to Sydney. I suppose I should get used to walking around like a zombie since Miss Lila (Middle Name) will likely be keeping me awake for some time to come. I figure it’s good practice for children.

But yes. Here I am. And though so many fun things are happening here (the house will sell, it really, really will) and so many new additions are coming (Miss Lila, I can’t wait) and so many things are still good (yay job! yay new house! yay st. patty’s fest!) I still feel like Atlanta has lost its lustre. It’s as if, after being gone just two weeks, coming home was a letdown.

I suppose it was to be expected – any time you head off to the wild blue yonder in all its fantasticness, the novelty of the situation makes the status quo seem less than desirable. It was like this the first time I visited Atlanta.

Five years ago almost to the month, I came down to visit my friends Brandy & Allison. At that time, I was in my post-grad school funk, sick of DC, sick of walking everywhere, sick of the cold weather and the same people and the same job and basically being in the first of a few of my quarterlife crises. So, when I came down to the Dirty South (ha, that term still cracks me up), I found it to be refreshing. New! Novel! Much like its native beverage, Coca-Cola, Atlanta offered me the effervescentness that a tired, old, boring DC didn’t. In comparison, DC was a two-day old flat Pepsi.

So I came back, energetic, and applied for three jobs that Sunday evening. Being that we were still in the midst of the dot.com boom, I had three new emails waiting for me Monday morning – all three companies were requesting an interview. In just three months, I had quit my DC job, moved my stuff, found an apartment, a roommate (though I didn’t know how crazy psycho he would be), a job and was here to stay. Oh Atlanta, I was home.

Fast forward until today. I’m in no hurry to move – in fact, the commitment to buy a new home here is one attempt to quell my insatiable impetuous nature. Before I started at Google, I looked for jobs in various places – Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, even Cleveland! Nothing was holding me here, nothing was taking me away. But then my house, Google, and a few other things came around (not the least of which were significant others who I thought would last longer than they did, optimistic as ever) and I stayed. And stayed. And here I am, four apartments, one owned house and one newly-contracted house later, still in Atlanta. So of course something different seems new & better – the grass is always greener, or so they say.

So, like I said, here I am. Things are good – status quo. And yet the goofy smile and darling accent of one Australian reminds me how far away I am from a place where I would love to live. The normalcy of the city – the unseasonably cold temps, the day-to-day work tasks, the routine I’m so accustomed to – only reminds me that I’m so far away from someone who the very thought of makes me fall asleep smiling.

One thought on “Missing you.

  1. Sometimes leaving is the best way to remember why you you love the place you left. I was pretty bored with Boston too. I was sick of the long Winters. I’ll tell you though, the thought of snow, a Red Sox cap, or an American accent makes me realise what a great place it was. I’d kill for a good clam chowder or some tacos too!
    That said, Sydney is an awesome place to live too, and for everything you may decide to leave behind you know you already have friends out here!

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