Welcome home.

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So it’s Day Six of Project: Crazy Puppy and so far, so good. (If by that I mean “so far, no sleep, waking up every two hours, and becoming very, very close to the bodily functions and cycles of a 6 1/2 week old puppy.” I suppose that equals good, right?) I’d heard it was like having a baby, and without all the pushing, recovery, and weight gain, I’d say it’s an accurate comparison. Oh yeah, and without getting knocked up. But I digress.

Miss Lila Belle was officially welcomed home last Friday, a scared, quiet little thing who wasn’t overly good at walking, didn’t whimper, and certainly didn’t bark. She was perfectly content laying on my lap and sleeping…even food wasn’t that much of interest, and had to be wet since her teeth weren’t yet all in.

How things have changed.

In just six days, Lila has embraced the excitement of running! Of trying to jump! Of eating not only her food, but mulch! Business cards! Wires! My toes! She’s a master of the dog-language known as ‘whining’ (especially in the wee hours of the morning) and yesterday, discovered that she can bark. So, today, she has barked at every object imaginable, including all 22 lbs. of a very confused Sullivan and the fireplace screen. She gets these ridiculous spurts of energy, running around, tail wagging so fast you can barely see it, yelping and barking and generally amusing herself to no end with whatever she can find, and then – just as soon as it starts, it’s over. She’s exhausted herself and curls up into the cutest ball of darling fur, silent and pressed up against some part of my body to show me that she’s still there, even while asleep. It warms my heart (and, as I’m writing this, currently my left thigh.)

I’ve had a dog before, but I was young and had very little to do with the training. Now, I’m like a worried parent, reading everything I can on house training and crate training and researching dog walkers (the hour round-trip home from work every day is wreaking havoc on my mileage, not to mention the skyrocketing expense of gasoline.) I have a few friends who just recently also adopted a puppy, so they’re my lifeline. We even had a puppy play date on Sunday. It’s safe to say that this cat person has now become a equal opportunity cat and dog person.

Welcome to Le Menagerie Sabala, Lila Belle. I’m so glad you’re here to stay.

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  1. Loved the article on Lila Belle. Was a lot of fun to read. Now you know what “we” were talking about with Bailey.

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