As is often the case, Sarah Hatter has hit it on the head. NAILED it, in fact. Bravo, my friend, for so clearly illustrating the inherent differences between men & women. I wish I had written it myself.

The other article that I wish I had written, however, is THIS ONE. Seriously, seriously accurate, I can attest to just about every single one of those points. (Except for maybe #13 – I’m usually on time; and #10…hate to say it, but my closet actually reveals more about my Type-A organizational behaviour. But all the other ones – oh yeah.)

I’d probably also add:
#31: Before we go on our first date, I’ve already figured out what my new initials would be should we get married.
#32: I’ll always think I’m five pounds overweight, even at my skinniest.
#33: I’m scared I already like you too much.

It’s crazy – people always advise you to be yourself, but they really mean to be yourself, the #33 secrets notwithstanding. Because we all know that the first thing that sends a guy – any guy – heading to the hills is not feeling like you’re a challenge. It’s a hard-wired evolutionary behaviour that isn’t going anywhere soon, and so while we agree that playing hard to get is, well, hard, we also know that it works.

So, in case you already think I like you too much, are afraid that it’s a given, or any other reason that might prevent you from pursuing me the way I want you to, let’s set the record straight. I’m not going to come easy, but I promise you, I’m worth it.

One thought on “Pursuant

  1. What is funny to me is Sarah is talking about the 30 Hottest Things You Could Say To A Naked Woman. And how it shows the differences between men and women. What I find funny is that the list was compiled by: Lisa Jones a woman. That tells me that no matter how hard I try to understand I just never will.

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